Special machines: two RenCen special milling machines for cast aluminum automotive cross members provide cycle time capability that machining centers could not. (Machining Centers).

by:Gewinn     2020-06-15
With great versatility and flexibility, the CNC machining center provides machining solutions for many manufacturing units that produce today\'s automotive components.
However, in some cases, the need for productivity, cycle time, and keeping the manufacturing unit size controllable and within a certain cost level determine the use of special machines.
Sometimes this realization occurs after the initial processing and manufacturing works are completed.
This is exactly the case with RenCen Machine Co.
MI Roseville was asked to provide the design of two special milling machines to grind the impact towel clearance and 356T6 aluminum suspension beams.
Heavy milling operations-
According to the amount of material removed during rough and finish processing, it was found that the CNC machining center could not meet the required 40-
The second cycle time of 90 parts per hour.
Therefore, in the 15-week period, the RenCen machine is contacted with the dedicated milling machines required to design, manufacture and deliver.
These machines were installed as part of nine.
It includes six machining centers, a special tapping machine and a machine cross-manufacturing unit for two milling machines.
The robot located between the two milling machines loads the parts, moves them from one machine to another, and then unloads the parts back to the CNC machining line.
The machine is designed with a housing and looks the same as the machining center in the battery, including the same paint scheme.
Also, since the beam parts are made of aluminum and as many as three pounds of material are being removed, the chip does have a handling problem.
To this end, the RenCen engineer applied the \"dog\'s nest \"-
Reduce the type of chip removal design used on the surface, and rinse the workpiece using a coolant system with a larger volume and greater pressure.
No milling machine.
1 Design has a center pad base and two standard horizontal ways
Type the wing base and fix it on both sides.
The vertical column sliding unit is mounted on the horizontal sliding unit on each wing base.
Platform installation on vertical slide 30-
Hp motor, milling spindle and slotted milling cutter.
Two standard quill feed tapping units are also installed in the tapping part for tapping two holes.
These drilling operations are added to this machine to increase the cycle time of the process.
The hydraulic part positioning and clamping fixture is also installed on the center base.
In operation, this machine grinds the clevis at both ends of the aluminum casting at the same time and taps two m8 x1.
75 \"positioning holes on one side of the part.
The milling operation is a bit tricky due to the composite angles involved.
The head and fixtures were designed to accommodate equal angles.
Two 10 \"diameter slotted cutters with 20 blades for splint milling.
No milling machine.
2 also has a center pad base and two standard horizontal ways
Type the base of the wing connected by the key and bolt on each side.
Two milling heads are mounted on each wing base, each with 25-
Hp motor, milling spindle, diameter 10 \", 3-
Step milling cutter.
The hydraulic partial positioning clamping fixture is mounted on the center base.
Overhead holding devices with four main clamping cylinders provide a way out for robot loading and unloading.
Extra clips and wedges
Lock the jack to stabilize the impact Tower part of the beam.
Because all four sides of the part are milling at the same time and a large amount of material is removed in sufficient operation, the part needs to be securely clamped.
In operation, the machine grinds some gaps on the Ross member impact tower.
The four milling heads are roughly cut, cut back, the cutting depth of the spindle is automatically reset, and afinipass is performed.
Both machines use programmable CNC control.
Standard hydraulic packaging by 120-
Two 20 gallon tanks.
Gpm hydraulic pump, one month-
Electric Motor and necessary valves.
All electronic components are installed on the machine.
Electrical housing installed.
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