Sports to watch the performance index of woodworking CNC lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
To make wood has better efficiency of nc lathe of machining out higher quality products. When buy good must examine his movement index, index, only this item to want to meet the needs of the customers. So for this a very important indicators it is necessary for us to make a detailed understanding. Everyone knows woodworking CNC lathe is wood lathe has a new development, strengthen the function of a lot of, so we in the selection and use of time relative to the requirement of it also increased. Motorized spindle, motorized spindle is mounted within the machine spindle unit. Its main characteristic is put the motor spindle, internal work through the drive power supply direct drive spindle, to realize the integration of the motor, the spindle function. The traditional machine tool spindle is working through transmission gear drive the spindle rotation. High-speed motorized spindle, high precision, and stepless variable speed is more conducive to improve the quality of the machine tool, and is widely used in car, grinding, drilling, milling and other machine tools. Motorized spindle structure is compact, high mechanical efficiency, low noise, small vibration, high precision. Easy to realize high speed, high precision of dynamic and static precision, better stability. Can realize stepless speed at rated speed scope, to meet the requirements for working conditions and load changes. Stop using the drive control technology, can realize accurate, accurate, accurate speed function, to adapt to the turning center, the needs of the machining center and other CNC machine tools. The support form of motorized spindle with high speed precision rolling bearing, gas static bearing; Lubrication method such as grease, oil mist, oil and gas; The output characteristics of motorized spindle persistence torque and constant power in two forms. Spindle speed: nc machine tool spindle generally adopt dc or ac motor driver, choose high precision bearing, confirmed the spindle has a wide speed range and a high enough rotary accuracy, rigidity and vibration resistance. At present, the nc machine tool spindle speed is generally achieved 5000 ~ 10000, and even higher, especially the emergence of motorized spindle, adapt to the demand of high speed and high precision. Of woodworking CNC lathe through the interpretation of the above content we have a good understanding, at the time of purchase and use more understanding.
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