Square tube polishing machine shell rust spots?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
People often use square tube polishing machine polishing, once the party tube polishing machine shell rusty spot should be handled in time, otherwise it will lead to the pipe polishing machine shell become very ugly, even paint, serious word will appear in the large area of square tube polishing machine shell hair. So how to maintain the party tube polishing machine shell? Prevent rust? If s pipe polishing machine shell does not rust, even a small area of the rust does not exist, it must ensure that the party tube polishing machine drilling in the workplace, and they do not have too much moisture and moisture, if the environmental humidity is bigger, it is best to install exhaust device, or change the exhaust system. The office. Because the moisture in the air and oxygen can direct contact to the metal elements in the square tube polishing machine, so the oxidation reaction can produce rusty spot. In addition, you can plug pipe polishing machine direct contact with air, namely the film contact use maintenance after each work for maintenance, but this method is not practical. Therefore, it is suggested that the party tube polishing machine all replacement antirust grease on the shell. This method can effectively prevent rust.
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