Star Precision developed a turning center for machining small precision parts

by:Gewinn     2022-05-17
Japan Sida Precision developed and completed the turning center 'SF-25' for machining small precision parts. The company will position this development product as 'the first step into a new fieldThe planned annual sales volume is 60 units. SF-25 consists of spindle, turret tool table, tool spindle and automatic tool changer (ATC). There are 9 control axes in total, including 1 spindle (rotation C1), 3 turntable tool posts (linear X1/Y1/Z1), 5 tool spindles (linear X2/Y2/Z2, rotation C2, angle indexing B) . The maximum number of revolutions of the spindle is 7000rpm, and the maximum number of revolutions of the tool spindle is 20,000rpm. By rotating the tool spindle along the B-axis of the tool spindle, inclined hole machining and inclined milling can be performed. In addition, by attaching the Buck Chuck Unit to the tool spindle, backside machining can be performed without a sub-spindle. The ATC can hold up to 24 tools. According to the company, it is mainly for the milling of medical equipment, aircraft and automotive components. Star Precision said that it will 'strive to expand the market share of NC lathes' by entering into turning machining centers on the basis of existing businesses such as Swiss-type automatic lathes.
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