StarragHeckert is well positioned in the ultra-heavy-duty machine tool segment

by:Gewinn     2022-06-02
At the beginning of this year, the Swiss company StarragHeckert acquired the German company Dörries Scharmann for US$95 million. The combined company will have an annual output value of US$415 million and occupy a favorable position in the field of heavy-duty to super-heavy machine tools. Dörries Scharmann, with sales of $173 million in 2010, has 3 production plants in Germany and France, and sales companies in the UK, USA, China, Russia and Brazil. The main products are Dörries vertical lathes, Droop + Rein gantry machining centers, Scharmann horizontal machining centers, boring and milling machines, Berthiez lathes and grinders, and Ecospeed aerospace gantry milling machines. The history of Starrag Heckert in Switzerland can be traced back to 1897. In 1920, it began to produce gantry milling. In 1998, it acquired the German Heckert company and began to use the current name. In the first half of 2010, StarragHeckert had sales of CHF 96 million and a profit of CHF 3 million. The main products are four-axis or five-axis machining centers, special blade machining equipment, high-precision SIP brand machining centers and engineering services.
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