Steps for making furniture with solid wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-07
Steps of making furniture with solid wood processing equipment log furniture has long been loved by customers for its energy saving and appreciation. However, log furniture's product cost continues to rise due to the production cycle time and the steps that cannot be replaced and omitted in the production process, especially the customized log furniture, perhaps many people will ask why the price of solid wood furniture is more expensive, but they do not know that the production process of original wood furniture is extremely complicated and the processing technology for employees is extremely high. To sum up, there are four processes: material preparation → carpenter → spraying → Packaging 1. The board is quick to control the water content of the wood at 8%- 10%, the timber after drying is at a higher level to prevent cracking and deformation 2. Balance: place the wood after drying for a period of time so that the wood can repair its balance 3. Material selection and seasoning: the location of wooden furniture hidden weapons can be divided into surface materials, internal materials and dark materials. The surface materials are exposed outside, and the internal materials are used inside the crafts, such as the inner file and the bottom plate. Dark materials refer to spare parts that cannot be seen under all normal application conditions, such as drawer guide rails, bag panels, etc. 4. Rough planing: the thickness of the fabric plate is 5. Wind shear: the length of the fabric board is renovated. Open the material and lengthen 20mm as required, and do pre-burial 6. Edge pressing: cutting off the burrs that cannot be used on the fabric Board 7. Distribution Board: wood distribution board is divided into straight grain and mountain grain, with the same color matching, and the total width of the distribution board is effective according to the required total width. When selecting materials, part of internal crack, end crack, Scar, blue change and dead wood should be taken out. Cloth glue: symmetrical cloth glue in the middle of wood 9. Splicing method: the wood is assembled by the splicing machine. The splicing method pays attention to the height difference, length difference, color deviation and scar 10. Aging: The Wood carried out by the glue is placed for about 2 hours, and the strong glue is allowed to condense 11. Sand planing: planing the unnecessary strong glue in the middle of the wood to make the wood surface free of strong glue 12. Sawing width: use a single-piece saw to set the width of the wood 13. Four-sided shaping: Wood is planed out according to the necessary appearance 14. Health care: place wood nature for 24 hours
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