Structure and characteristics of cross saw products

by:Gewinn     2020-03-17
Overall structure and working principle of pneumatic cross saw 1)Fixed length device: workpiece length locator; 2)Discharge frame: workpiece receiving table; 3)Electrical system: Three-phase 380V power supply; 4) Pneumatic system: a stable air source with a pressure of 5 kg/cm2 is required; 5) Saw rising position travel switch: Limit the rising distance of the saw shaft, control the rising distance of the saw shaft when processing different specifications by adjusting the swing Rod position, and avoid the collision between the saw shaft and the workbench at the same time. 6)Loading bracket: 7)Dust removal Port: remove sawing and dust. The diameter of upper and lower dust removal ports is 100. 8) Saw cover limit high handle: its main role according to the thickness of the workpiece to determine the height of the saw cover raised, shorten the operation time to improve efficiency. 9) Swing frame: the air cylinder supports the swing frame to drive the saw shaft and saw blade to rise. The rising distance is limited by the limit stroke switch to avoid collision with the work table. 10) Saw cover Platen: it is both a safety shield and a workpiece platen. When it is not pressed or compacted, the saw blade will not rise. Pneumatic system: pneumatic system is an important guarantee for the normal operation of pneumatic cross-section saw. Users need to provide a stable air source, and the air source pressure must be above 6 kg/cm2, if the air source is too far away from the machine, please install a gas storage tank beside the machine tool to ensure the pressure stability of the machine tool during operation. When the pressure is unstable, the cylinder drives the saw blade to rise and fall through the electromagnetic reversing valve to complete the cutting. Different specifications of the workpiece need different lifting speed, cutting saw machine can be achieved by adjusting the throttle valve at the top of the cylinder. The throttle valve at the bottom of the cylinder is used to adjust the descending speed of the cylinder. The single-piece longitudinal saw has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and there is no need to make major adjustments except for the adjustments that must be made for the change of workpiece specifications, before the first operation of the machine tool after it is installed in place, the following work should be done: 1) Access to power supply: If the indicator light is on after the power supply is connected, it means that the line is correct, and vice versa. 2) Load the saw blade: Open the saw cover, loosen the main shaft locking handle, rotate the main shaft lifting handwheel to raise the main shaft to the highest point e put the saw blade in the middle opening of the pressure roller seat (Note the direction of spindle rotation) , Then fix the gland with screws, and then use a special wrench to fix the main shaft and then tighten the gland bolt, and remove the special wrench after confirming that it is extremely cheap and completely fixed' Screw the wrench tightly, and finally lower the main shaft below the plane of the chain plate 2 nun-2. Lock the main shaft at 5mm, rotate the main shaft by hand to check the saw blade, and after confirming that there is no problem, close the saw cover and tighten the handle to fix the cover door. 3)Check the spindle drive; If it is found that the belt tension is not suitable, adjust it as shown in the following figure: open the upper and lower cover door at the back, loosen the upper reverse nut and the lower positive screw nut, and turn the positive and reverse screw nut (Counterclockwise tightening, clockwise contraction) Make the belt in a proper position, then lock the upper and lower front and back lock nuts, and close the upper and lower cover doors. 4) Position adjustment of the pressure roller: adjust the distance between the pressure roller and the surface of the chain plate according to the thickness of the workpiece. In general, the distance between the press roller and the surface of the chain plate is smaller than the thickness of the workpiece 3-5mm is enough. All the corresponding buttons on the pushbutton panel are suspended. Press the button and release it to stop. Note: the saw blade and the chain plate cannot be adjusted when moving to prevent the workpiece from rebounding after the pressure roller is separated from the workpiece 5) Feeding speed adjustment: The single-piece longitudinal saw provides users with four speeds to choose from, which are formed by combining a pair of tower wheels with four different groups of slots, the user selects a speed according to the actual needs, changes the conveyor belt to the corresponding slot, and adjusts the tightness of the belt.
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