suffering sappho! tunnel digger named \'\"wonder woman\" in honor of gal gadot\'

by:Gewinn     2019-08-10
Transport Minister Yisrael Katz responded to the Lebanese government\'s ban on film Wonder Woman on the grounds that its star Gal Gadot, israel was named after the fourth excavator \"Wonder woman\" who cut the Tel Aviv subway tunnel.
Tunnel Tunneling machinery (TBMs)
Is a large rotating cylinder that digs the circular path.
TBMs is about 115 long with 7. 5-
700 in diameter, heavy tons.
These machines are equipped with a drill hole head similar to the \"mutation module\" in the 1987 animated TV series \"Ninja Turtles.
\"I have decided to call it the\" Wonder Woman \"in honor of the first Israeli heroine Gal Gadot to successfully conquer the world in Hollywood movies,\" Katz said . \".
The name was named according to the traditional spirit of the miners, who traditionally gave the miners the name of the leading woman.
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