Summarizes the application characteristics of second-hand electronic saws

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Summarized characteristics of second-hand electronic saw the use of the

electronic saws cutting precision, high efficiency cutting board, green operation, manual. The fool is expected to open. Saw and computer electronic cutting saw, is a hand to push saws, reciprocating saws upgrade products, only 1 - its operators 2 people. Operation, the man-machine integration on the touch screen or PC input need cutting data, starts to precision processing was carried out on the plate.

saw the efficiency of the computer at least 6 - equivalent to push hand saw 8 units, could lead to 6 calculation, it has saved 10 people, 1 wages to around 4000 yuan, has saved around $500000 a year, power consumption and save a lot, and now the shortage of migrant workers to become a common phenomenon, it's not. Its high efficiency, high precision, high security for enterprises to save more cost.

the high-speed development of furniture industry, manufacturers are increasingly demanding on plate cutting machine, wheel shaft are all made of lhe swelling set of installation, very easy to maintain, ordinary push Taiwan saw highlights the precision is not enough, the collapse edge, fault, inductrial injury, inefficient disadvantages such as more and more obvious, affects the development of the enterprise. Electronic saw the birth of, effectively avoid the occurrence of such problems. And second-hand electronic saw equipped with feeding manipulator drag sheet automatic feed automatic positioning, automatic cutting and high precision servo system control feeding precision, electronic scale precision compensation, effectively guarantee the plank of cutting face in good condition at the same time, improve the working efficiency. Electronic saw another characteristic is: sewing worker can operation, maintenance, without technical workers don't have to debug accuracy, two people cooperation, saving labor costs for the enterprise.

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