Supply fully automatic punching machine manipulator of Beijing

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Description of automatic metal stamping mechanical equipment: automatic stamping manipulator, changed the stamping production reality of high labor intensity, high risk. Truly achieve unmanned stamping production, without any artificial or equipment are in danger. Has risen to a high benefit, high quality production. We can according to customers' special product characteristics and quality requirements, stamping manipulator. Stamping manipulator performance description: does the text in Chinese interface, easy operation, simple operation, convenient debug machine parameters; Have elevator automatic feeding, or vibration plate automatic discharge; When the X axis manipulator adopts servo motor drive, the Z axis adopts stepper motor drive, high-speed stability; When feeding way is: vacuum drain, electromagnetic drain; Does the PLC central control, ensure the manipulator performance excellence; When apply & other; Automatic punching machine, automatic handling, automatic pressing, automatic detection & throughout; Such as automation process. Have the highest efficiency can reach 4 s complete an action. Metal stamping manipulator specifications: fully automatic up-down material manipulator model SH - CY - H001 suitable for products of all kinds of flat sheet material, or stretch X driven by servo motor drive way, Z axis X axis driven by stepper motor drive by synchronous belt and linear guide rail drive, Z axis by the location accuracy of the gear and rack & plusmn; 0. 8 mm screen controller PLC programming interface Chinese power 220 vac, 50 hz, 600 - 2000 w'd like to know more information about punch manipulator, please log on to http://www. gmrcsk。 com/
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