\'surely tunnely mctunnelface?\': elon musk sends the internet into a frenzy as he decides what to name the boring company\'s first tunneling machine

by:Gewinn     2019-09-16
Last week, the first picture of Elon Musk\'s tunnel machine appeared online, and he was building a tunnel under Los Angeles to avoid the city\'s notorious heavy traffic.
Musk, who is now searching for a name for this impressive boring machine on Twitter, said: \"Think about the name of our first tunnel machine. . .
His tweets sparked a frenzy of the internet and caused a series of quirky reactions, from \"tunnel-like Mike tunnel\" to \"baby\" identity.
This morning, video omusk rolled down a series of tweets suggesting a series of names.
His tweet reads: \"Maybe the ultimate boring machine, the second one,\" and then: \"I know what you\'re thinking . . . . . . So why not \"third \"?
Well, I have learned a lesson about 3.
This probably means that SpaceX\'s Falcon 9 failed to land three times.
His next tweet reads: \"It\'s kind of like Snoopy dug.
The Internet has fully accepted his advice and sent thousands of messages back on Twitter.
D3noob said: \"Of course it\'s a tunnel-like Mike tunnel?
I am waiting for approval from the Internet.
\"Duglass Adams,\" said Bruno Skvoc.
Follow the science fiction author theme.
Many suggestions are Pun intended.
Scott Johnson and Richard Westmoreland said: \"The identity of the north wind.
The next is probably the north wind overlord.
Musk has been teasing his tunnel works since he first released the idea in a frustrated rant about atLA\'s busy traffic in December.
Last week, an instagram user believed to be a SpaceX employee posted a photo on Twitter showing the company\'s first tunnel machine --
Although it was later removed from his account.
With Musk trying to improve the existing rig, the company is expected to use the giant machine to dig into the test tunnel.
Earlier this year, the Daily Mail exclusively disclosed photos of the Musk tunnel, and his \"Boring Company\" has just started digging the tunnel outside its headquarters in Hawthorne, California.
Trench measures 30 feet (9 metres)wide, 50 feet (15 metres)
Long, 15 feet (4. 5 metres)
According to wiredreport, deep started earlier this month.
New images show excavators, cranes and security guards around a large hole in the ground.
This hole is probably a huge tunnel drill (TBM)-
Currently known as \"nano \"-
The first time was down start mining
A tarmac seems to have been dug away by Nanni or removed before the tunnel starts and is pulled up.
The excavator filmed on the spot helped clear the rubble behind Nani, which was used as a machine tunnel.
A large pile of rubble can be seen behind the excavation site, which is made up of debris dug from the ground.
The tunnel is legal because it was dug on private property.
However, extending the tunnel beyond the headquarters of SpaceX requires more discussion, paperwork and the approval of the LA City Council.
He said in the Super loop design competition at SpaceX last month that we just wanted to know how to improve the tunneling speed, which I think is between about 500 and 1,000.
We don\'t know what we\'re doing.
I want to make it clear.
Musk proposed last year plans to build a giant tunnel under Los Angeles to ease congestion.
Traffic drives me crazy.
I\'m going to build a tunnel digging machine. I just started digging. . . \', he tweeted.
When Musk first posted on Twitter that he planned to lay a tunnel for his SpaceX office, it was hard to know if he was just venting the frustration of being trapped in traffic.
The tech giant put forward a company slogan in a series of tweets released in December: \"boring, this is what we do.
But he ended his rant on Twitter: \"I really have to do this . \"
Earlier this month, he tweeted a picture of the tunnel machine.
He posted the photo under the heading \"minecraf \"-
It refers to popular video games in which players tap into large tunnel networks for resources.
However, Musk has yet to confirm whether the image of the tunnel rig he posted is his own or its exact purpose.
The outer number of the machine is Nannie, 26 feet in diameter, about 400 feet long and weighs about 1,200 tons.
The water company in Washington used it to dig a tunnel to prevent sewage from flowing into the Anacostia River.
The machine is named after the country\'s well-known black educator, church leader and voting rights supporter Nani Helen balles, who founded the National Women and Girls Training School in Washington, DC.
Musk, made by German company Herrenknecht, is considering buying it to solve his problem --
Although admitted in an interview with Bloomberg, \"it may make sense to start with something smaller.
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