Surface polishing machine price promotion is 'dead end' enterprise should change in time

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
With the increase of the rational consumer price promotion basically has become a & other; Dead end & throughout; 。 Therefore, under the background of the market increasingly competitive, surface polishing machine enterprises should seize the moment to adjust in time, find time development needs the right way, rather than stay in the single price promotion. “ No promotion, no sales & throughout; Has become a curved surface polishing machine industry one of the most obvious problem, & other; Price promotion & throughout; Is curved surface polishing machine to our country enterprise marketing a big hit. From the perspective of the brands of foreign surface polishing machine, discount sales very little, if any, discount is low. Because in marketing psychology, discounts the subtext is slow sales and depreciation. Therefore, foreign brands are not easy to discount, even if the occasional unsalable products, also mostly adopt the method of transfer and recovery processing. A few, however, domestic surface polishing machine enterprises often unlucky, unsalable product clearance sale at a lower price, or simply high-priced products as gifts. At first glance, this method seems to be very effective, but with the speeding up of the social information transmission speed, this kind of deception was soon consumers often known, make the enterprise lost the most fundamental brand image and consumer credit. Surface polishing machine enterprises adjust the promotion strategy. With the improvement of consumer spending levels, price market appeal has fallen dramatically. Therefore, surface polishing machine promotion activity and content of enterprise should be carried out in accordance with the enterprise's own development strategy, and the corresponding overall plan for promotion modes, rather than the pursuit of sales, and promote more don't use price means.
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