Surface sanding machine maintenance

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Surface sanding machine the following article is a must to do: a solid according to the period of cleaning, cleaning, daily cleaning dust, tube and dust collecting cover. Use a hard brush and rags. , cleaning the conveyor belt, discharge air pressure of the water in the water filter. Using the lens cleaner and soft cotton swab. The dust cleaning machinery, internal and surrounding pile. Every week, cleaning table lifting screw and dust on the chain. Second, the wood surface sanding machine protection and maintenance, security systems and want to before the multiplier, must test all the safety switch is normal or not. Every week check and test of brake system, to prevent the 'emergency stop' unable to perform. Main motor drive belt, the appropriate adjustment will share become old, yea, you can add the belt transmission efficiency and refer to the following to check the time: for the first time to see: xinji have started to use or replace new second view: 4 hours after the third time interval, one day after the previous view view: interval of previous view, 3 days after the fourth view: interval of previous view, five days after the fifth view: interval after 7 days after the previous view, view: every week 3, surface sanding machine parts, view the conveyor belt machine, after using period of time, conveyor belt must have a degree of wear and tear. If the wear degree affect the quality of sanding, must use grain number 40 or 60 sandpaper, will be the whole flat grinding research conveyor belt. If the strap is several times by grinding and outstanding markings have almost completely loss, suggested to replace new products. When slight wear rubber wheel, rubber wheel, can use an accurate thickness and flat board ( W: at least 300 mm x L: equivalent work platform width) Number of clay on sandpaper in 60 for calibration of grinding roller appearance.
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