system automates boring operations.

by:Gewinn     2019-08-11
Many problems with early attempts at flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)--
They tend to be too big and too complicated, and users tend to have unrealistic flexibility and production expectations ---
As manufacturers and mechanics gain experience with this technology, it has been worked out.
However, one of the difficulties that continues to plague FMS is the need to interrupt the automatic machining cycle to perform some operations manually, said Israel Schechter, general manager of Pegard products at ilrockford. He should know.
Pegard is a supplier of flexible manufacturing systems for precision machining Turnkeyto large-sizeparts.
Mr. Schechter said that line drilling operations were one of the worst things when it came to interrupting the automatic machining process.
He said: \"The holes in the screw pump housing, the crankshaft and Cam holes in the large engine cylinder block, the bearing housing in the large gearbox, and many other components require line drilling to ensure diameter and Concentricity tolerances.
\"It usually takes time to queue up for boring operations
Interrupt the manual processing of the planned automatic processing cycle.
He added: \"This problem is particularly serious for FMSs because it can process a wide variety of parts.
Mr. Schechter said that every time a boring operation is required, the operator must install a long boring Rod, support it on the tail, set the cutting tip adjustment to complete the boring operation, put out the boring bar.
Another option-
Drilling of a special machine processing and forming line--
The same manual intervention is still needed and the benefits of FMS are reduced by limiting the redundancy of the system.
In response to these problems, Pegard developed a tool filtering system, which is a hardware and software package that can be supported without tailgate and large
Diameter milling without special accessories.
The hardware includes a tapered tool strain ring assembly and a reinforced spindle sleeve.
The drilling rod or milling tool is clamped through the holding knob of the spindle and the ring is pulled with a predetermined tension.
The high clamping force results in the high torque required for drilling and milling operations.
Clamping force and tool alignment are controlled by proprietary software.
Pegard has developed many drilling and cutting tools that use hole-proof
Vibration equipment, plant tuning and tools-
Specific software modules.
Mr. Schechter said that the system is an integral part of the philosophy of the Pegard FMS: \"We believe that the solution will be introduced into part processing, rather than the part processing into the solution.
These tools provide users with fully automated precision drilling and milling capabilities without manual intervention.
\"Another component of the system is the robot tool changer for Pegard, which is designed to handle large tools-
Up to 53 lbs. , weighing up to 245 lbs. -
For tool strain operation.
An example of the tool strain system at work is dealing with various V-
16 diesel engine blocks from original castings.
FMS consists of three identical horizontal milling machines; a rail-guided vehicle;
Automatic loading, fixing and unloading system;
System control software.
Milling the head face on the block using a 16 \"diameter tool strain face milling tool.
Surface finish of 1.
5 | Ra and location tolerance for or-~0.
Reached 0001 \".
According to the engine displacement and depth of 12 \", three different diameter cylinder holes are rough, half
Complete and complete with a single tool strain tool for each hole size.
Cam boreswith 3.
5 \"diameter and 79\" total length tired of special bars, keep the required | or-~0.
005 \"diameter and0.
001 \"concentricity tolerance on total length.
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