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tenoning machine fast-delivery

tenoning machine fast-delivery
  • tenoning machine fast-delivery
  • tenoning machine fast-delivery
  • tenoning machine fast-delivery
  • tenoning machine fast-delivery
  • tenoning machine fast-delivery
  • tenoning machine fast-delivery

tenoning machine fast-delivery

Gewinn tenoning machine is quickly and accurately manufactured by using the professional production technique.
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1、This product adopts five-axis multi-station, high-speed continuous milling, and one set of working parts can be processed with another set of disassembly and high production efficiency.

2、Adopt Taiwan million figure of CNC system, convenient adjustment, reliable control, convenient and easy to learn, use of tool rod on a knife, without programming, to point the automatic generation of processing procedure, production simply press the confirm button automatic processing.

3、High precision, numerical control input and output, ensure that each workpiece is exactly the same.

This equipment is suitable for machining various kinds of workpiece with different sizes and shapes, and has a strong practicability, especially for the curved holes,elliptical holes and special-shaped holes.More machining complex planar,the same workpiece mortise length and depth different and complicated heteromorphic workpiece are processed at one time.

Major parts suppliers

CNC system : Taiwan YiTu

Servo motor: Taiwan Delta

Inverter:Taiwan Delta

Spindle motor:Zero one industry

Silk rod:Taiwan TBI ball screw

Guide:Kate guide rail

Electrical system components:German schneider brand

Sample display

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Application product display

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Machine parts display

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5 cutter head single row design for MAK3722-5 , it can be fitted with various cutting tools for processing

tenoning machine fast-delivery-5                

8 cutter head double rows design for MSK3722-4*2, it can be fitted with various cutting tools for processing

tenoning machine fast-delivery-6                

A simple and easy to learn CNC system.

tenoning machine fast-delivery-7                

Widening workpiece pressing device(option)

tenoning machine fast-delivery-8

Automation lubrication linear rail (Guide in KAITE)

※.Nicish designed linear rail support, possess function of automatic lubrication, can extend linear rail working life.

High speed and low noise.

※.Linear slide rail unique dust-proof design, still can prevail in the worst environment.

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Precision TBI ball screw (Made in Taiwan)

※.The precise rolling stage screw, its precision can reach 0.05mm,   suitable for long time processing.

※.To make C6 grade ball screw, precision can reach within 0.03mm, the ball nut double-end double dust wiper ring, can invade completely blockdust, increase the service life of the screw cap.

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The structure of the body

※.Design of high rigid body structure, and the material stress analysis  and tempering treatment, to insure the accuracy of processing and assembling without deformation.

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Zhicheng Pneumatic(National high and new technology enterprises)

It has the advantages of energy saving, pollution free, high efficiency,low cost, safe and reliable, simple structure and so on.

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Air-cooled high frequency spindle

※.Italian air RunDaworos Industry high spindle motor has features like high speed,low noise,and have the IP65 waterproof test.Main spindle adopts high temperature resistant ceramic bearing ,revolving speed  up to 24000RPM,high precision and wear-resisting can withstand heavy cutting processing ,inside and outside double wind cold cooling,greatly improve the service life of the spindle.

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Electrical system components(Germany szelaiduk brand)

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Precision spiral tooth row transmission (Made in German)

※.Adopts precision helical tooth row transmission, its precision can reach 0.03mm,its characteristics as follows: high transmissionefficiency, withstand the high torque, low running noise, etc..

tenoning machine fast-delivery-15

TOMO GAWA (Made in Japan)

※.Planetary reducer, with feature such as small size under torsion,transmission efficiency  and wide high speed range, high precision, high torque, low back lash and quiet operation, etc

About our company

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siple hero unit, a simple jumbotron-style compone

Modes and Specification





X  axis max stroke



Y  axis max stroke



Z  axis max stroke



Max working width



X  axis power



Y  axis power



Z  axis power



Spindle speed



Spindle power



The spindle wheelbase



Max machining speed



Overall size



Operation video

What tenoning machine features is incredibly impressive.
Our Gewinn wood tenoning machines can be produced in various design styles and specifications.
Gewinn tenoning machine is produced under the standardized and scientific production process.
The production of Gewinn wood tenoning machines follows the ISO quality management system.
Gewinn wood tenoning machines is manufactured utilizing premium materials sourced from the certified vendors.
This product is highly resistant to moisture. It is able to withstand the humid condition for a long time without accumulating any mold.
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