U.S. manufacturing data could hit record lows

by:Gewinn     2022-04-27
Today at 21:30 Beijing time, the United States announced the New York Fed manufacturing index for November, which is expected to further deteriorate to -26.0 from the previous value of -24.6, and is even expected to fall to a record low of -30. Half an hour later, the United States announced industrial production in October. The market expected a monthly rate of 0.2%, and Dailyfx expected a monthly rate of 1.0%. The previous value in September was -2.6%, the lowest since December 1974. At the same time, the capacity utilization rate in October was also announced, which is expected to remain unchanged at 76.4% from the previous value, which is about 5 basis points lower than the historical average of 81.4%, which fully shows the weakness of the economy. The G20 meeting over the weekend failed to bring good news. If the data drags down US stocks, it will push up risk aversion, which is good for the US dollar.
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