U.S. manufacturing expands, global recovery imbalances ease

by:Gewinn     2022-04-27
There is good news from the manufacturing industries in the United States, Europe and Asia: the U.S. manufacturing sector expanded at the highest rate in 7 months, the euro zone manufacturing industry expanded for the fourth consecutive month, and the vitality of the Asian manufacturing industry has not diminished, indicating that the pace of recovery in Europe and the United States is beginning to move towards emerging markets. Closer, the global economy may gradually enter a balanced recovery track. According to data released by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) on the 3rd, the U.S. manufacturing index rose to 57 in December last year, up from 56.6 in the previous month. The strength of the economic recovery is strengthened, and the above 50 represents the expansion of the economy, and vice versa. 'The Wall Street Journal' commented that the data is consistent with strong employment and consumer spending data in the final months of 2010, which will lead analysts to predict that the fragile US economic recovery may finally turn into self-sustainable growth this year.
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