U.S. 're-employment' policy encourages manufacturing to return from overseas

by:Gewinn     2022-04-28
When the whole world is accustomed to 'Made in ChinaA few days ago, under the influence of encouraging policies, there has been a boom in the repatriation of manufacturing from overseas in the United States, and American companies are 're-employmentEven some US congressmen made a big fuss about the US Olympic clothing produced in China, clamoring to pile up 'Made in China' and burn them, and then make new ones. But in fact, the revival of manufacturing is not as simple as imagined. 'We're not going to add labor-intensive, relatively low-skilled jobs in the U.S., and I don't think we want them. Sometimes it makes more sense to develop technologies that enhance competitiveness, and sometimes it makes more sense for government support to upskill workers.' New York University professor and Nobel laureate in economics Michael Spencer thinks so. And Harvard professor Lawrence Katz pointed out that the idea that manufacturing jobs will increase is completely unconvincing, and that vigorously improving American infrastructure and education will be more effective in creating middle-class jobs. Many experts believe that the return of U.S. manufacturing jobs in the past two years is not only due to the increase in overseas labor costs, but also temporary and accidental factors such as exchange rate changes and rising overseas energy transportation prices. So whether this recovery is a post-recession rebound or a long-term phenomenon remains difficult to determine. In this case, if you indiscriminately preach the old way and make all kinds of products, you can only say more and more excited, more and more difficult to do. Some American media reported that Obama once asked Jobs, the founder of Apple, how he could bring jobs in iPhone manufacturing back to the United States, and Jobs replied: 'These jobs will not come back.' This is not only because foreign labor is cheaper. , Apple executives also believe that the flexibility, industriousness and industrial skills of foreign workers, as well as the sheer size of overseas factories, have so far outstripped their American counterparts that 'Made in America' u200bu200bis no longer the norm for most Apple products. a viable option. A Deloitte survey also showed that 600,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs went unfilled last year simply because companies couldn’t find workers with the right skills. The talent gap is not only a matter of skills and diligence. The development of new technologies requires talents with new knowledge. 'The Washington Post' published an article that 'the manufacturing jobs we need to do today are different from the manufacturing jobs we sent overseas back then, and these jobs require very specific skills and fewer workers.' For example, the newspaper cited the emergence of new composite materials and 3D printing technology that has changed manufacturing procedures, requiring more skilled employees to master complex new manufacturing procedures. Therefore, future employees will need extensive training in this field. 'Avoiding the real and creating the false' has created an economic imbalance. To achieve 're-industrialization' and reverse this imbalance, the United States needs to rely on advanced manufacturing, not low-end manufacturing. This has become the consensus of many people of insight in the United States. Harvard Business School professors Gary Pisano and Willie Shi put forward recommendations in the Harvard Business Review in 2009, asking the government to pay attention to advanced manufacturing. Because in this field, labor costs usually account for a smaller proportion, low-wage countries have little advantage. And a rapidly changing world is increasingly demanding that production be placed closer to end markets. Advanced manufacturing refers to the next generation of manufacturing technologies and their products using high-end materials and production techniques. These industries have high value-added products and strong technical requirements, which not only lie in the comparative advantage of the United States, but also provide high-paying income for the American people. China Machine Tool Network (Machine35.com) believes that the US government's policy has now begun to focus on 'advanced manufacturingGenerally speaking, there is a lot of voices in the United States to revive the manufacturing industry, and the results of the discussions are becoming more and more clear. According to a report by China Business News, at a time when the unemployment rate remains at around 8%, the outsourcing of the US Olympic uniforms to 'Made in China' has vividly demonstrated the boredom of American politics and media. In fact, through the comprehensive data of various departments in the United States, it can be seen that among clothing and footwear products, 35.6% of the products purchased by American consumers in 2010 came from China, and 24.9% came from the United States. 'Made in America' u200bu200bbeats 'Made in AmericaIn fact, although the concept of globalization is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the US economy is still relatively closed. According to the last 'Consumption Survey' report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, 70% of Americans' consumption was spent on goods and services made in the United States. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 Americans spent 34% of their wages on housing, 13% on food, 11% on insurance and retirement, and 7% on health care , and another 2% for education, which has reached about 70% of its overall consumption. Obviously, the above-mentioned consumption cannot have anything to do with 'Made in China'. Comments: China is still at the low end of the international division of labor. In many cases, even if the products made in China are marked, the real profits of Chinese companies may be very small. From the above data, 'Made in China' is not enough for U.S. unemployment. rate has little effect. However, when the US election is approaching, politicians often add fuel to the Sino-US trade issue, which makes the 'flowers become more attractive'.
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