UK develops new technique to boost efficiency of next-generation Bose lasers

by:Gewinn     2022-04-23
In the application and development of lasers, various color lasers have different use values u200bu200bin different fields, and in the fields of environmental monitoring, astronomical imaging and medicine, Bose lasers have important application value, but due to the volume of Bose lasers It is not only huge, but also expensive, which not only restricts the good performance of the laser, but also limits the application range of Bose lasers. Recently, a new technology has been developed in the United Kingdom that will improve the efficiency of the next generation of Bose lasers. A new technique to improve the efficiency of next-generation Bose lasers has been developed by researchers at the University of Bath's Department of Physics, demonstrating that the laser's performance can be improved and has the potential for miniaturization of future technological devices. Bose lasers are commonly used by satellites for environmental monitoring, astronomy, safety and non-destructive testing, imaging, and medical applications, but are bulky and expensive. During the study, the researchers showed how to use a Bose laser to generate terahertz rays, and verified that the power required by the laser can be changed and reduced, or the intensity of the terahertz rays. The new technology has potential applications in everything from DNA chips to skin cancer diagnosis, laser surgery, explosive detection and more. Information and communication technologies, including wireless communications, high-speed data processing and satellite communications, will also benefit from this technology. At the same time, Bose terahertz lasers can work in conjunction with traditional LEDs, which is a brand new method that will facilitate the miniaturization of new optical chips, thereby helping to develop new devices and further expand applications. The new technology developed by scientists that can improve the efficiency of the next-generation Bose laser plays an important and positive role in the development and application of Bose lasers. This technology can not only greatly improve the performance of Bose lasers, but also make the lasers more It is convenient to use, and it also expands the application field of the laser.
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