UK NEWALL company launches digital display DP900

by:Gewinn     2022-04-23
British Newall's diligent pursuit of new technologies and new products stems from its attention to customer needs. Sincere service and technology expansion are important reasons for Newall to maintain a leading position in the global digital display market. Newall Measurement Systems, a well-known British exporter, introduced its new products to the Chinese market. The promotion conference organized by Newall has received strong support from the Department of Industry and Trade of the United Kingdom and was approved to be held at the residence of the British Ambassador to China. On behalf of the British government, British Ambassador to China William Au affirmed the positive significance of this promotion. At the promotion meeting, Mr. Robert Matthews, Marketing Director of Newall UK, introduced the new functions of the DP900 to the invited customers, and gave an explanation and demonstration for the issues that customers were interested in. The DP900 digital display adopts a blue-background white-character LCD screen and Cap-sense buttons, which can display up to four axes (three linear axes + one rotary axis), which greatly enhances the reliability of the product in high heat and humidity environments. The dynamic graphic display function can more intuitively indicate the relative position of the tool and the workpiece. Make the manufacturing process more humane. In addition, the DP900 can also perform online measurement of machined workpieces through an optional touch probe. The processing efficiency is further improved. The customers at the meeting responded enthusiastically to the new design of DP900. After listening to Mr. Robert Matthews' explanation, they also conducted a simple trial operation on the new products on display.
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