under seattle, a big object blocks bertha. what is it?

by:Gewinn     2019-08-07
The streets of many big cities in the world beat a secret underground heart full of mystery and myth.
Visitors look for the catacombs of Rome, the sewers of Paris, and the subway tunnels of New York.
Some people think there is a group of interstellar aliens lurking under Denver International Airport.
Seattle has joined the club at least now.
The engineer said there was something unknown.
This is more intriguing for many unknown residents --
The biggest progress has been hindered. Diameter tunnel-
Boring machine being used on Earth, a high
An automation miracle called Bertha.
Five stories high with 20 crew members, cigar-
Huge behemoth in the shape of a two-man groundmile-long, $3.
On December, 1 billion kilometers of highway tunnel under the urban waterfront.
When it comes to something in its path that managers still simply call \"objects.
\"Almost two weeks after the first contact, the composition and source of the object is still unknown because it is in-of-the-
It turns out that you can\'t look out your head.
\"What we\'re looking at right now is creating conditions that allow us to get into the chamber behind the knife head and see how it goes,\" says Chris Dixon, the project manager of the construction contractor Seattle tunnel partner said in an interview this week. Mr.
Dickson said that he was very confident that the blockade would turn into a huge boulder, nothing more romantic than this, perhaps left over from glaciers in the ice age, the glaciers were searched and crushed in the corner of the continent 17,000 years ago.
But the unknown is an attractive topic.
Some residents say they believe, or want to believe, an old Seattle buried in Pell --
Mell peak in city
The buildings of the 1800 s, when a dirty seaside wetland was filled to make room for business, could be a big hassle for Bertha.
This theory is supported by the fact that the blocked tunnel part is also the lightest part of the route, and the top of the machine is only about 45 feet lower than the street level.
Chang \'an Ferguson, Seattle Public Library\'s Seattle Collection, said: \"I will believe that this is part of Seattle\'s history until it proves that this is not the case . \", She said she had hopes for something during the Klondike gold rush in 1890, when Seattle became the crazy and prosperous gateway city to gold mines in Alaska and Canada.
At the tunnel project storefront museum in the city center, visitors are talking about Jimmy hofa\'s jokes or tucking theories about underground train engines.
Gabe Martin, a salesperson at an antique shop near the excavation site, said he was interested in the Prohibition era, when Seattle was riding illegal alcohol smuggled from Canada and people had reason to bury things, don\'t want them to be discovered.
\"Pirated things,\" he said. Mr.
Dickson said that in recent days, due to a series of drilling holes being pushed down, in order to drain and reduce the pressure on the drill bit, workers were allowed to safely enter the blocked site as early as Friday.
But, he said, working under atmospheric pressure similar to what divers have experienced, the team can only stay for a short time, and then each visitor will need time in the decompression room.
In the story of Seattle, there is a hammer theme of John Henry.
Bertha is as blind as a mole in front, no striker --
Facing a window or camera, so walk in the air
A locked door is required to reach the front of the machine for inspection.
The removal or decomposition of an object is likely to be done with a Jack or other old thing
Old tools in the tunnel
This will be recognized by sand-digging pig workers of the past few generations.
If the object cannot be broken underground, it needs to be dug out of the street.
In any case, Sir.
Dickson and other state managers said the progress of the machine could stop for a few weeks.
Although they stress that work continues at both ends of the tunnel, it is too early to talk about cost overruns or delays.
The tunnel is scheduled to open at the end of 2015.
The tunnel will extend north and south along Elliott Bay, from the football Seahawks home Century Link stadium to a point near the northern Space Needle Tower, allowing the removal of elevated roads and improved pedestrian crossings and bicycle passages.
Economics and geology
Two key clues from Seattle
The power to support the tunnel.
The project was planned to begin with an earthquake in 2001 that exposed the seismic vulnerability of the elevated viaduct roadway built in the 1950 s.
Commercial and real estate interests are then sold as the tunnel replaces the viaduct and will open the passage between the city center and the waterfront.
But unlike Boston or New York, where tunnels are common, the base bed is close to the surface and the finish line is confusing.
Seattle\'s lower abdomen is more like pudding than dirt.
A kind of mud consisting of sand, gravel and clay, made up of 3,000-foot-
A thick ice sheet stretching 50 miles south of Olympia.
A city known for its humidity also has high water levels, which are only about 4 to 5 feet.
Because the first time Europeans met Seattle
Settlers in the United States are not at all conducive to becoming a city with steep glaciers --
Carved Hills extend all the way to the surface of the water, the landscape has been re-shaped from the beginning, and there are projects that can be ground down along the hills.
This, in turn, creates a large amount of landfill sites, enters the waterfront to level up the garbage, and creates land for the rise of the city\'s commercial center. “It’s mind-
\"It\'s incredible that we \'ve changed the landscape in Seattle,\" David B said . \"
Williams, a geologists and author of a forthcoming book on the formation of the Seattle landscape, is called \"too high and too steep to reshape the terrain of Seattle.
\"The tunnel is just a continuation of the story,\" he said while walking north of the city center, where the cliff surface shows the layered formations of the geological past. Mr.
Williams posted an article on the local geology on his blog, and in a recent article he speculated that the wreckage of a famous shipwreck-the windward side --
It sank in 1875 and was buried near the waterfront.
It could be the kind of object Bertha encountered, although he admitted that the machine might pass through the woodware like paper.
In the end, the National engineer may be right, he said.
A huge rock, both in size and in configuration where the machine cannot be fully purchased, is the most likely culprit.
\"I hope that\'s not the case,\" he said . \".
\"It would be great to find some new mysteries.
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