Unique characteristic of numerical control woodworking machinery in the industry

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
In industry machine tool machining of wood called woodworking machine, furniture and all kinds of wooden crafts, can use woodworking machinery, with the development of science and technology, development called the woodworking machine has lathes CNC woodworking machinery. More to improve the efficiency of production. Shandong constant d CNC machinery co. , LTD. Summarizes the characteristics of numerical control woodworking machinery for you. Because of woodworking machinery processing object is wood, wood inhomogeneity and anisotropy of the wood in different directions with different properties and strength, when cutting on wood fiber direction Angle is different, the stress and the failure load of lumber is different also, wood cutting process has many complex mechanical and physical and chemical changes, such as elastic deformation, bending, compression, cracking and burr, etc. In addition, because the hardness of wood is not high, low mechanical strength limit, good separation. Wood heat resistant ability is poor, cannot exceed the carbonization temperature when machining. All these constitute the unique features of woodworking machine. 1, woodworking machinery, high noise level. Under the influence of high speed cutting and the cutting material performance, woodworking machine noise level is generally high. 2, wood products processing precision is generally lower than the accuracy of the metal products, so the machine tool working platform, guides and other parallel degree, straightness, and the radial runout of spindle requirement for lower than metal cutting machine tool. With the improvement of wood products processing precision and interchangeability requirements, the precision of the woodworking machine are improved. 3, the high speed cutting. High speed cutting make the chip to split along the fiber direction was cut off by a cutter, thereby gaining high geometric accuracy and low surface roughness, at the same time, the surface temperature of wood will not exceed the carbonization temperature of the wood. High speed cutting various aspects for machine tools is put forward higher requirements, such as higher strength and stiffness of spindle assembly requirements, high speed rotary parts of the static, dynamic balancing the demand is higher, with a high-speed bearing, machine tool vibration resistance is better, and to adapt to the high speed cutting tool structure and material, etc. 4, numerical control woodworking machinery is well versed in feed way, way station. Because the wood artifacts are light weight, size, a one-time processing, so in order to reduce the machine tool structure size and area, woodworking machine through type workpiece feeding way more commonly adopted. Such as sawing, milling, planing machine, etc. 5, numerical control woodworking machinery generally don't need a cooling device, and need chip removal dust removal device. Since the stiffness of the wood is not high, in the process of machining heat produced by friction between cutter and workpiece is small, even if the high speed cutting, nor cause overheating and the phenomenon of deformation and annealing. In addition, the characteristics of wood components determines its cannot be polluted in the process of machining, so the woodworking machine generally do not need cooling device. But in the process of machining to produce large amounts of flammable sawdust, wood shavings, to promptly eliminate, so general woodworking machine must be equipped with a dedicated chip removal dust removal device. If you have any more questions about numerical control woodworking machinery, please visit our official website http://www for details. gmhwjx。 Com to query
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