unusual uses of a drilling machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-05
Need is the mother of invention. . .
It becomes very important when we don\'t have easy access to things like tools, spare parts or equipment, and we are forced to find ways to get the work done through what we have.
In this instructable, I show how to use a variable speed rig in an unusual way, such as harvesting weeds, digging holes in the garden, beating eggs in the kitchen, and abandoning coconuts for cooking, and drill a big hole in the shelled coconut to open it.
See the two videos above and take the following steps on how to place the variable speed rig for unusual uses other than drilling and driving screws.
I used a 550 W 13mm variable speed reversible hammer rig in these demos.
Safety precautions: incorrect operation and operation of variable speed rigs is dangerous without proper safety precautions.
So, pay attention to the items you need to make a weed cutter. You can cut the weeds with this attachment on the rig.
Please see how to use this attachment in the introduction of the video to cut weedsItems requiredHow use itNow you can install this component to cooperate with the punching machine to use its digging garden or anywhere you like
See the video in the introduction section for how to dig for bugs using this attachment. How to use it. See the first video in the intro section for how to use this attachment to beat eggsItem requi to use it, you can remove coconut meat from the shell by drilling.
The empty coconut shell can be used for craft work according to your imagination project. How to use it. Please see the second video in the introduction section of this manual for instructions on how to operate the coconut wiper attachment.
By manipulating various accessories using a rig, we can use it for unusual uses.
Here I have demonstrated a variable speed reversible punching machine that can be used to cut weeds, dig holes in the garden, beat eggs, drill holes, open coconuts and waste coconut meat.
With your imagination, you can use the rig for many other uses depending on the needs of the situation.
Security, however, is the top priority.
Although it looks easy in the video, there is a good chance of injury if appropriate care is not taken.
Stay safe and have fun.
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