updating legacy machines: retrofits minimize maintenance and downtime.

by:Gewinn     2020-02-16
The CNC control system has been upgraded for various reasons--
Productivity, performance, accuracy, or simple fact that replacing parts is no longer available.
There may be many challenges to upgrade to a new control, including compatibility, features, training, installation, and new software.
These issues can make any upgrade expensive
Consuming, sometimes frustrating experiences.
However, little care is taken when choosing a retrofit control, and downtime can be greatly reduced, 30-year-
Old dinosaurs can be as agile as new machines.
The life expectancy of CNC control is 30 years old is not uncommon, considering the number of advances in electronics and software during this time, it is amazing, imagine saving 30 years with a PC.
Some old controls can still be repaired, but due to the limited availability of parts, they can only be repaired on a repair or replacement basis, which can lead to heavy downtime.
When the limited inventory of discontinued discrete parts is exhausted, it is not uncommon for OEMs to introduce upgrade packages and eliminate old product lines.
When Giddings & Lewis ran out of stock for discontinued parts, the company introduced a compatible NumeriPath 8000CNC refitting package to replace the old CNC800 and 8000A series controllers
The cost of maintaining the old controls can be amazing, not only because of repairs, but also because of precision issues such as contours and positioning.
Slower block processing time and outdatedlook-
The ahead algorithm on the old control requires a slower speed and a longer loop time.
Slow speed also reduces surface finish, which is especially critical in large molds.
Outdated tool compensation and acceleration algorithms can lead to inaccurate parts, planing and overshooting, resulting in an increase in scrap parts.
The decision to retrofit many CNC controls is available for retrofit, but this does not mean that they have the same functionality as the old controls.
These features may not work the same way and/or existing programs may not be compatible.
When deciding to replace the CNC control, compatibility with existing parts programs, drives, motors and feedback equipment must be considered, as well as consistency in control operations.
Compatibility is definitely a problem without replacing the drive, motor and feedback devices.
If the new controls do not support features in existing part programs, or if these functions work differently from the new controls, there may be a need for a lot of editing or reprogramming of existing part programs.
In the case that hundreds of programs or even several very long programs are often run on the machine tool, existing programs must be compatible with new controls, or you have to spend a lot of time rewriting, converting, editing, and providing programs.
Another important issue to consider is how long it may take to re-train the operator if the new control is running or appears to be significantly different.
New features that can save time, such as parts and tool detection, are another benefit of the control transformation.
For example, the NumeriPath8000 CNC includes detection cycles that allow parts to be installed and inspected on the machine.
For companies with inspection requirements, this can reduce or eliminate secondary operations on CMM.
Installing a control device is another very important consideration when purchasing a modified control device.
Whether in-
The House or OEM, it is important to design the avifitkit in advance.
The refitting kit must include more than one component and a print of a set of universal machines, otherwise the installation will depend on the trial and error method.
For example, for CNC control, it may take one to two weeks to manually wire loose wires. But aplug-
The compatible harness comes with a complete set of electrical drawings showing a detailed description of everything in kitcan that eliminates speculation and installs it in a few days.
The CNC 800 controller of jintin and Lewis requires a separate CNCenclosure that can be removed to increase the footprint while the numeripath 8000 CNC refitting kit is installed on the installation to another existing enclosure
Inside this case, the cable moves from the old cable socket and plugs directly into the newpanel\'s plug-compatible harness.
Minimal manual wiring is required.
Generally speaking, writing \"execute\" software that runs axis motion on a machine tool is a simple task.
However, in order to run the tool changer, the tray shuttle system, the turntable movement and the shift in the headbox, the ladder logic that must be written and debugged is rather complicated.
It can consume as much time as possible as easily as installing all hardware.
By using the controls provided by the manufacturer of the original equipment, usually the \"execute\" software and ladder logic problems have been solved, making the installation faster and less problematic.
OEM usually also offers some verified upgrade packages.
For example, guidings & Lewis offers high-performance hardware and software, as well as Windows NT and AC digital drives and car kits.
These verified packages can also be installed by Kit and Lewis service technicians or like thisit-
Your own kit, including documentation and printing.
Recently, one of the largest manufacturers of aircraft landing gear needs to replace the Giddings & Lewis CNC 800 controller on its four boring factories.
The Windows NT and high-performance hardware purchases of the Giggs & visors NumeriPath 8000 CNC dynamics FITkit.
The kit provides functions such as faster block processing time for processing curves faster and more accurately;
You can choose a larger memory of 2 MB or 8 MB;
And pallet management functions that allow multi-part/pallet transfer for unattended operation.
According to the maintenance manager of the aircraft landing gear manufacturer, by selecting the new controller Giddings & Lewis NumeriPath8000 CNC of the original equipment manufacturer, there is no need for the part program to be changed.
The company is able to use all existing parts programs.
The landing gear manufacturer found that the installation of the new controls was a rather painless process.
It took five weeks for service technicians
Site for installing new controls on three machines.
The first control took three weeks, the second took only one week, and the third actually installed in three days.
The installation speed is so fast that the equipment has the least downtime.
The reliability and performance of positioning are significantly improved.
For example, two of the horizontal drilling mills have NCrotary tables that can be indexed to four locked positions.
In each position, the gun pin is pushed up into the bushing and the table is automatically cycled in the position.
The old CNC 800 requires multiple positioning to lock the position.
With the new NumeriPath 8000 CNC, the office is provided for precise positioning at each location each time.
When considering the control transformation, it is important to compare the total cost of long-term control.
This includes controlling costs, reprogramming costs, new features, installation and downtime.
Compare this to the maintenance, support, parts, and downtime costs of the old controls.
Finally, always consider compatibility and long term when selecting controls and suppliersterm support.
Giddingsand Lewis, www. rsleads. com/310tp-
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