Use common sense and matters needing attention of woodworking machinery lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
A lot of friends in the use of wood lathe will not pay attention to some details, can feel running is ok, in fact, wood lathe is also has a lot of potential safety hazard, so, we should pay attention to what place? Below we together and see it. 1, the wet weather, can open the best wood lathe machine is used for the operation, running the machine will not be affected with damp be affected with damp because of weather problems, leading to rust problem. And has placed a period of time without opening the lathe, be sure to check the lubricating oil in every region of the first whether there is enough, can not be put into use immediately, should have a preheating period. It's like, swimming to do some warm-up exercises before will reduce cramps in the water. Preheating, can reduce the probability of error, is also a kind of maintenance. 2, the user should be familiar with this kind of wood lathe the contents of the safe operating procedures, which is responsible for the safety of a performance. Pay special attention to while wear full set including the hat and goggles work clothes, but are not allowed to use wearing gloves machine tools. And, although the wood lathe for cleaning requirements of the lathe is higher, but can not use compressed air to do a cleaner to clean wood lathe including electrical cabinets, NC unit and other components. 3, wood lathe although automated production, but when the machine operation, users must not leave the lathe. To ensure that the wood lathe strange occurs can immediately take action immediately to stop using the lathe. There is common sense but be sure to check is that if there is a stable parts on the lathe. This is very important, if not well it is easy to happen accident. Also, wood lathe is very afraid of is that the temperature is too high, in the process of production should often go to check the temperature to see if there is within the prescribed scope. That is about the use of wood lathe knowledge of all common sense as well as the matters needing attention, if we can help you, please continue to focus on our website.
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