Use of machinery in solid wood furniture industry

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Along with the progress of The Times, in the furniture manufacturing industry, will use sealing side of real wood furniture for mechanical processing, to say the machinery for the production of all kinds of furniture has a very important role, both desk and solid wood bed, in the process of production will be made for sealing side, the real wood furniture edge banding processing for human is hard to do, but the use of machinery has become simple and easy, not only fast, and very precise, also the efficiency of dozens of times faster than manual sealing side, so what's the use machinery in solid wood furniture? Machinery in the use of solid wood furniture industry: machinery processing process from transportation & ndash; — Glue welt & ndash; — Cut & ndash; — Front and back neck & ndash; — Up and down the trimming & ndash; — Up and down fine trimming & ndash; — Scrape up and down side & ndash; — Polishing, coherent, greatly reduce the labor costs, improve the efficiency of the solid wood furniture production and processing. By sealing side is a good way to improve the appearance quality of furniture, furniture to avoid edges in the hands and use process of damage, cover layer is lifted or peeling off, at the same time can have waterproof, closed the release of harmful gas to take and reduce the deformation, etc, and people also can beautification furniture, cheerful heart sad. Machinery to make the edge is firm, level off is smooth, is a good solid wood furniture edge banding equipment, used in ambry sealing side of plank, the quality is completely reliable.
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