Use of nc punch die

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
Use of nc punch die have note a tear open outfit, mould, maintenance and matters needing attention of installation plate thickness, material is hard, step punching processing can make the die life is short. Before mold placed in die, die around to clean, cleaning after the fantasy of oil on the punch, and then insert die position, concave die can be into the same location. Pay special attention to is the consistency of convex concave die here, before the installation carefully see clear intensive specifications are the same, at the same time edge direction should be consistent, if there is an error, easy to break the mold. When the turret rotation after the moulds are in place to observe fluctuation between turret, prevent die rugged. Second, the mold selection considerations ( 1) The diameter of the mould should be 2 times more than in the processing of thickness, and as far as possible a few bigger diameter, average diameter should be greater than 3 mm, otherwise easy to break, affecting the service life of mould. ( 2) Molding molding total height is not more than 8 mm, commonly used shutter is not more than 75 mm, the length of the convex platform should be no greater than 65 mm in diameter. ( 3) At ordinary times is not commonly used mold should be rust prevention work and the oil regularly. ( 4) Lower die gap is determined according to thickness of the processing, such as machining 2 mm plate of the lower die not 3 mm plate processing 1 mm plate; otherwise it will aggravate the wear even breaking the mold. ( 5) Forming station near the location is not available, because the height of the forming die is much greater than normal mode, it is best to molding process in the end, rushed after dismantled. ( 6) When forming low speed must be used. ( 7) Processing of thick plate mold parts are not allowed to have sharp corners, so sharp corners should be rounded transition, otherwise easy to wear or collapse Angle. - - - - - - Mold filling, the filling quantity and times by the conditions of the processed material, no rust scale materials, for the mold filling, oil with light oil. Rust scale materials, processing between rust will into the mold and coat, makes the punch can't move freely, in this case, if the oil, will make it easier for rust scale on, so when this material, in contrast to wipe off the oil, monthly breakdown time, wash clean with gasoline, reassemble, so to have satisfactory processing. - - - - - -
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