Use of numerical control woodworking lathe must learn to repair some of the common faults

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
We use numerical control woodworking lathe sometimes need maintenance, what are some common faults? Today we detailed introduce you to everybody. Host fault host fault of CNC machine host usually refers to CNC machinery, lubrication, cooling and chip removal, hydraulic, pneumatic and protection, etc. Host common fault mainly include: 1) Due to mechanical parts installation, commissioning, operation caused by improper use of mechanical transmission fault 2) Because of guide rail, spindle interference of the moving parts, such as excessive friction on the causes of failure 3) Because of the damage of the mechanical parts, coupling caused bad fault, and so on host fault mainly for transmission noise big, poor machining precision, running resistance, the mechanical parts movement does not damage, mechanical parts and so on. Poor lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic system of pipeline jam and sealed, is a common cause of the failure of the host. According to the habits, usually failure of electrical control system is usually divided into 'ba' and 'high voltage' failure two kinds big, 'ba' part is refers to the control system is given priority to with electronic components, integrated circuit control part. Elv part of nc machine tools including CNC, PLC, MDI/C RT and servo drive unit, lose of the output unit, etc. Hardware failure refers to the various part of integrated circuit chips, discrete electronic components, connectors, and external connected component failure. Processing program error, system programming and parameter changes or missing, computer operation error, etc. 'High voltage' part refers to the primary circuit in the control system or high voltage, high power circuit of relay, contactor, switch, fuse, power transformers, motors, electromagnet, travel switch of electric components and its control circuit. Must cause enough attention of maintenance personnel. According to the features of the fault classification uncertainty fault fault 'refers to the hardware of control system for a host of damage or as long as meet certain conditions, the fault of CNC machine tool is bound to happen. This category on the nc machine tool is the most common fault phenomena, but because it has a certain regularity, and thus brought convenient to maintenance deterministic fault has a non-recoverable, once fault occurs, such as processing does not carry on the maintenance, machine tool will not automatically return to normal. But as long as to find out the root cause of the failure, the maintenance after the completion of the machine tool can be restored to normal immediately. The correct use and careful maintenance is one of the important measures to eliminate or avoid failure. Random failure, random failure index control machine tool in the working process of the occurrence of accidental failure such failure reason is hidden, it is difficult to find out its regularity, reason often referred to as 'soft' failures, the reason of random fault analysis and fault diagnosis is difficult, in general, the occurrence of failure often with parts installation quality, parameter setting, the quality of the components, software design is not perfect, the influence of the working environment, and many other factors. Understanding of these problems can quickly repair our CNC woodworking lathe.
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