Use of woodworking machinery shall comply with requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
1. Safety in production, adhere to the principle of safety first and prevention first. 2. Safe production should be people-oriented, employees enjoy the equal rights of production safety. 3. After training, the operator should know the structure, properties and USES of mechanical equipment, master knowledge of safety technology of use, maintenance, maintenance. Circuit fault must be ruled out by a professional electrician. 4. Homework before commissioning, parts working properly rear can work. Before starting of clutter in the machinery and feet around areas must be cleaned, ground plate in the assignments section when necessary. 5. Operators should wear appropriate: no huai wear loose-fitting clothes, wear a tie and bracelet ( Long hair should be wearing a helmet) 。 Women should wear working cap. Homework must be tied tightly buckled cuffs, good skirts, the button. 6. Mechanical failure in the process of operation, must immediately stop, cut off power supply. 7. Chain, transmission parts such as gears and belts, it is necessary to install shield or shield. 8. Must use the unidirectional switch, reversing switch is strictly prohibited. 9. It is strictly prohibited to fireworks, workplace must be equipped with fire fighting equipment in accordance with the regulations. 10. Should be clear in time machine table wood shavings, wood chips. It is strictly prohibited to direct cleaning by hand. Wood shavings, wood chips should be stored to the designated place. 11. Homework must be cut off power supply, door lock box. 12. If wood stuck saw blade should be immediately cut off the supply, can be processed after mechanical stop. It is forbidden to use wood blades or stick braking method to stop rotating machinery. 13. The worker in production, work to earnestly study and implement safety technology operating rules, observe the rules and regulations. Take good care of production equipment and safety equipment, facilities and labor protection articles. Unsafe situation, promptly report to the leadership, to rule out quickly.
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