Used double-sided planer nine safe use of rules

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Used double-sided planer nine safe use rules

a: safety plane material should maintain a stable body and hands. According to the material plane bedding face, hand above; Small plane surface, not less than half of the expected high finger, and shall not be less than 3 cm. Ban hand push after material
security. 2: second-hand planning must have a safety protection device, otherwise it is prohibited to use the
AnQuanSan: plane short expected length shall not be shorter than before and after the pressure roller distance; Thickness of less than 1 cm wood, must pad plate.
security four: feed must be straight, found material go cross or stuck, should reduce downtime correct the mesa. When meet a knurl slow feed speed, feed the finger must leave roller 20 cm, material must work out of the table. 5:
security material and the material are not allowed to wear gloves, and should stand at the side of the machine tool. Every time planing amount shall not exceed 5 mm 6:
security tool only allowed a one-way switch, are not allowed to adopt reversing the bidirectional switch 7:
security planing amount shall not exceed 1 at a time. 5 mm. To maintain the uniform, feed speed through the strength should be light plane mouth, back above the planing tool material is prohibited.
security 8: plane thickness less than 1. 5 cm, length less than 30 cm timber, must use clamp or push rod, no advance with hands. 9:
security in knots, kung, if want to slow down the speed of pushing, hands pushing on the knot is prohibited. Dig old nails, such as silt removal must be clean.
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