Using a carpenter ornamental engraving cutter what are the problems need to pay attention to

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Simple description of carpenter ornamental engraving cutter operation notice: 1. Cutting tools should be careful to prevent slag when clamping and the depth of the clamping to reach the request. 1/2 handle (such as: 12. 7毫米) Clamping depth should reach 24 mm, in order to ensure its proper nursing talents. Individual clamp holder to reach the depth of cutting tool shank length is more than 4/5 length. 2. According to different processing materials selection of suitable cutting tool, practice case tool in clockwise. 3. Cutting tool changing in time after passivation. 4. High precision jacketed necessary choices, if wear or other circumstances lead to cannot reach allocation request to break the switch. 5. According to the size of the tool/choices matching speed and pushing speed, driving at a constant speed and stick to do not pause in the cutting process. 6. Operation process as carriers, safe protection. Now you know what are the precautions for the operation of the carpenter ornamental engraving cutter. A: simple about two-way cloth bag under the characteristics of a moving filter: do you understand the purpose of the woodworking band saw machine
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