Using method and maintenance of pneumatic polishing machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Pneumatic polishing machine usage: operations of pneumatic polishing machine, install polishing pads, first to ensure that the screw locking; Then you can start polishing. First lift handle, relax the tension bar, and then to handle down, make the polishing head floating freely; Rotate the lock to the safety lock, handle rotation, forward open pipe polishing machine, after the success of the open thumb rotate from the safety lock. Release the button; Remove the grinding mill to & other; W” Form, or pushing forward automatic grinding machine, start polishing wax layer. Automatic polishing machine starts, must maintain the normal operation automatic polishing machine, so as not to damage the wax layer and the floor surface; To prevent motor overload, the machine is equipped with overload protection circuit. If the breaker broken, should wait for 10 seconds to reset; After the waxing polishing process, backward rotation knob, loosen the safety lock, stop pipe polishing machine; After the completion of the work, automatic polishing machine should maintain lean back, rear wheel on the ground, in order to prevent damage of polishing pad, or prevent damage of polishing pad. Polishing pad can be removed and stored. Pneumatic polishing machine maintenance, regular maintenance and maintenance of pneumatic polishing machine, pneumatic polishing machine can make good production running status, ensure the normal production. First of all, we should guarantee the stability of pneumatic polishing machine, whether there is loose and distortions, cleaning of pipe polishing machine mechanical watch, regular use of lubricating oil production and maintenance of automatic polishing machine, and ready to repair the power supply line. Regularly check the power supply for bare, power lines if there is a change in time; In a timely manner to protect the gearbox motor, found that the motor does not turn or stop timely inspection and repair; Tighten the automatic polishing machine mechanical screw solid on a regular basis. Proper use of equipment and maintenance can prolong the service life of equipment, improve the efficiency of mechanical processing and production.
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