Using numerical control woodworking lathe attention point

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
My company has a professional product design and excellent technical team, the position of the same products in the market, is ahead and and products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, is the general customers trusted products. Company each item are introduced both at home and abroad advanced technology, combined with the company independent research and development of the unique technology, and many devices have their own patents, especially CNC woodworking lathe, makes up the blank of the automation market, by each big enterprise's attention. When using CNC woodworking lathe to pay attention to the points: 1. Check to make sure good parts equipment reliability, whether can operate properly. 2. In the process of turning shall not hand over to check the work smooth. Use sand paper burnish, should first will take place after you remove tool rest. The lathe turns, hand brake shall not be used. 3. In terms of wood, so the wood to be processed into round wood can only carry on the processing. 4. Have a scar or crack wood is not allowed on the lathe. On equipment maintenance, can be in our website, welcome customers to inquire, looking forward to the cooperation with you.
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