Using numerical control woodworking lathe failure to first find out why?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
When we use numerical control woodworking lathe when fault occurs, the first point is not busy doing something else, is to find the cause of the failure, such not only can be better to find the fault, also can rapid troubleshooting, concrete method and the detail is how to? The following detailed introduce you. Often use mechanical equipment friend would surely see some faults, numerical control woodworking lathe is not exceptional also, also can appear some fault whenever we malfunction must first go to reasoning the cause of the malfunction, such ability in the first place. At the time of the reasoning method is adopted, the start when reasoning and analyzing object often some ambiguous, because of the cause of the problem or phenomenon in lathe, need to find out the common features of them, thus to determine the fault point, with the reasoning step by step, will slowly aware of the personality characteristics of the object, also is the need to find the malfunction. In addition to the reasoning method, and a method is the substitution method, this method is in under the premise of spare parts, with the same function modules or components of substitution and contrast method, to observe the specific of lathe operation, thus to analyze and judge, to find fault. Although this method is simple, but very effective, especially in CNC woodworking lathe with many sets of the same time, this method is more practical. Can carefully think about it, any problem of the discovery process is inferred by above way, more can be used with any profession, as long as careful at ordinary times, eat dim sum, can completely avoid the happening of any problems, more can ensure the normal operation of equipment. So our CNC woodworking lathe failure is not the first time repair, but to find the reason, this is the main.
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