Using numerical control woodworking lathe process selection and operation should pay attention to the problem

by:Gewinn     2020-03-24
In the process of using numerical control woodworking lathe should pay attention to some problems, on the selection and operation, must pay attention to the details we to introduce to you. Numerical control woodworking lathe machining process is similar to the processing technology of the engine lathe, but as a result of the numerical control woodworking lathe is a clamping, automatic processing to complete all turning process, thus the following aspects should be paid attention to. 1, choose reasonable tool: ( 1) Rough turning, should choose high strength, good durability knives, in order to meet the big car large turning, the feed back. ( 2) Fine cars, want to choose high precision, durability, good cutting tool, to ensure the machining accuracy of requirements. ( 3) To reduce the changeover time and convenient for the knife, should try to use machine knives and machine clip blade. 2, the reasonable choice fixture: ( 1) Choose general fixture clamping workpiece as far as possible, avoid using special fixture; ( 2) Parts locating datum coincidence, in order to reduce the positioning error. 3, determine the processing route: processing route is index control machining process, the cutting tool trajectory and the direction of relative parts. ( 1) Should be able to guarantee machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements; ( 2) Should as far as possible to shorten processing route, reduce tool empty travel time. 4, processing route and machining allowance of contact: in the numerical control woodworking lathe has not yet reached its widespread use condition, the general should be put on the blank allowance too much, especially including forging, casting hard cortex arrangement on the ordinary lathe machining allowance. If must use CNC woodworking lathe processing, attention should be given to the flexible arrangement of the program. 5, fixture installation points: hydraulic clamping and hydraulic clamping cylinder connections are implemented * pull rod, hydraulic clamping clip critical points are as follows: first of all with a moving hand nut on the hydraulic oil cylinder, tubing, and from the spindle backend, reoccupy move hand chuck fixed screw, can unload chuck. 6, choice of rational cutting parameter: for efficient metal cutting processing, the processed material, cutting tool and cutting condition are three main factors. These determine the processing time, tool life and processing quality. Economic and efficient processing method must be reasonable selection of the cutting condition. Cutting condition of three elements: the cutting speed, feed and cutting depth directly caused the damage. Along with the increase of cutting speed point temperature will rise, will produce mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. Cutting speed increased by 20%, the tool life will reduce 1/2. Feed conditions and behind the cutting tool wear in minimum range. Behind but feeding, cutting temperature rise, wear and tear. It is smaller than the influence of cutting speed on tool. The influence of cutting depth on cutting tools while there is no cutting speed and feed, tiny cutting deep, but in the hardening layer is cutting material, will also affect the service life of cutting tools. According to users of processed material, hardness, cutting condition, material selection, feed and cutting depth etc. Use the cutting speed. The most suitable processing conditions of the selected on the basis of these factors is selected. Choosing the numerical control woodworking lathe processing plants, look for the titanium hao has rules, stable wear to life is the ideal conditions. However, in actual operation, the choice of the tool life and tool wear, by processing and size, surface quality, cutting noise, heat and so on. When determining the processing conditions, it is necessary to study according to the actual situation. For difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloy, can use coolant or choose good rigid blade. Turning processing is using relative to the workpiece on the lathe tool rotation method for machining the workpiece. Turning processing the cutting can be mainly provided by the workpiece instead of cutting tools. Turning is the most basic, the most common machining methods, occupies an important position in the production. Turning is suitable for processing of rotary surface, most has the workpiece can be used on the surface of the rotary cutting methods, such as the inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, end surface, groove, thread and rotary forming surface, such as cutting tool is mainly used in lathe tool.
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