Using numerical control woodworking lathe what are the commonly used materials wood for making furniture

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Numerical control woodworking lathe is now the most commonly used equipment of wood processing industry, the processing characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, cost savings for the enterprise has brought good economic benefit. With the improvement of living standards, more and more kinds now on the market of furniture, materials more and more, it brings to the users of furniture of choose and buy a lot of problems. Then small make up today to summarize the use of numerical control woodworking lathe what are the materials commonly used wood for making furniture. 1. Birch betula trees, with acanthosis birch, solid birch, etc, from liaoning, jilin, hebei, henan, and the northwest. Acanthosis birch wood a shallow brown, compact texture, luster, texture is rougher. Solid birch yu, is also known as pestle for north China of lumber, have & quot; Red sandalwood south, north pestle elm & quot; Said. After the early wood is white, reddish brown, shiny, the heavy solid density, connect body has a beautiful wood grain. Due to large plate, Ming and qing dynasty furniture is often used as a console table panel and rounded corner cupboard door plate. Birch unlike other trees, only in knot gall to split out to gall wood, beech gall, commonly known as & quot; Birch package & quot; , a tiny heart lines, small, magnificent, is often used as panel is used. 2. Huang MuHuang cypress evergreen shrubs or small trees, which are found in central China region, with pale yellow color, such as flos mume, old is light green, with stripes of line, hard, fine luster. Boxwood, slow growth is only 3 cm long, every year a leap year is not long. Because of its difficult long, so wait no aniseed. In Ming and qing dynasty furniture or furniture to make small wooden products such as wooden comb, signet artifacts such as Mosaic pattern and Cheng son, opposite, etc. , used with hardwood, rarely saw a perfect use of boxwood. Boxwood colourful colour such as egg yolks, such as inlay ornamentation, match with red sandalwood, mutual set off, abnormal and beautiful. 3. South cypress parker cupressaceae, ancient have & quot; Yue cypress & quot; , have a flat cypress, arborvitae, false arborvitae, etc. Our country folk ritual cypress can be divided into two categories, south and north cypress parker, south quality of a material is better than the north cypress parker. The orange color, texture fine symmetry, approximate boxwood, fragrant, its sex don't rest not to crack, resistant to decay, suitable for engraving materials, is a rare material to plant hardwood. 4. Camphorwood camphorwood because wood grain lines correctly, so the name. As the evergreen tree, native to and xiangqian trunk on the southeastern coast of China, especially in Taiwan, fujian is in the majority. Wood texture is very fine, smell good, can avoid pests, but more easily burst. Its value is lower than nanmu. Since the ancient times, camphorwood is making box, box, cabinet, cabinet furniture and carvings of ideal material, etc. 5. Bignoniaceae catalpa wood, deciduous trees, the most ancient of the most common senior furniture timber in our country. Song lu enclosures Pi ya · shi wooden article said: & quot; Catalpa momoki for long, so called wood king & quot; 。 Old five acres curtilage is the native place, to eat, catalpa is used, so called village for the native place; Wood for catalpa; Architects and carpenter of catalpa, catalpa artisan. Catalpa wood reddish-brown, texture soft, besides can be used for furniture, also available for KeShu printing, is a manuscript for the press is also called & quot; To print & quot; 。 Since modern times unearthed some chow tai wood such as boxes, coffin, mostly with catalpa wood. 6. Elm wood for furniture material is widely used in north of the Yangtze river. Its texture is straightforward, color is light, the ju wood hardness, weight is lighter, but its deformation is small, so the northern furniture commonly used. Elm is do the most commonly used wood furniture in northern China. Elm is no more than 20 varieties. The highest elm trees can grow to more than 30 meters, diameter of up to 1 m. Elm cut open after the sapwood, yellowish-brown core material is light brown, like feathers, layer upon layer texture has extended. Elm is not easy to do, also easy to crack. The strength of the elm medium, decay resistance, easy processing. 7. Cedar aroma can be used as a medicine, cedar seed can soothe the bushing. Cedar wood color yellow, fine quality, gas relapsed, water resistant, knot, so the folk multi-purpose it 'cedar Shao'. Good coffin with cedar wood, also lies in its corrosion. Beijing existed Taiwan unearthed from ancient tombs of Kings in the famous 'yellow bowel problem together' is the thousands of neatly stacked together WeiZhang root cedar party, is it in wood intermediate other higher plant. 8. Nanmu is an extremely high-grade timber, it pale orange slightly gray, texture elegant quiet, moist texture soft, no shrinkage, the rain a fragrance. From southern provinces, sichuan is produced for the best. Ming palace has a lot of felling, is now the city of Beijing the imperial palace and excellent hexiang nanmu constructs. Nanmu not rot decay has a faint fragrance, the royal library, gold paint, interior decoration, etc for the production of nanmu, such as wenyuan chamber, longevity, the hall of supreme harmony, changling and other important construction have nanmu decoration and furniture, and often used with red sandalwood. Inline person depending on the quality of a material has the following address: gold nan, watercress nan, sweet nan, gentian nan. Making furniture that is numerical control woodworking lathe the use of common materials, hope to be of service.
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