Walk into the German Industry 4.0 scene and directly hit the 'manufacturer of the world's factory'

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
'China may be the world's factory, but Germany is the maker of the world's factory.' German management master Hermann Simon once commented on the characteristics of the two countries. After a long flight of more than ten hours, the research team arrived at the Frankfurt international market at 7:00 am on the 17th, Berlin time, Germany, and started the journey of Foshan manufacturing to benchmark German Industry 4.0. Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank. On the 17th, the Nanfang Daily research team first arrived in Germany. 1. Explore the secrets of the transformation of German companies Germany, located in the middle of Europe, is one of the countries most familiar to the Foshan government and companies. The Sino-German Industrial Service Zone in Foshan New Town is not only the six major cooperation platforms in Guangdong Province, but also included in the 'Joint Statement on Further Promoting Two-way Investment' signed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology, becoming a Sino-German partnership. cooperation projects. With the continuous advancement of transformation and upgrading, Foshan enterprises have organized groups to study and observe in Germany many times. Frankfurt is the first stop of this survey. This is an important industrial and commercial, financial service and transportation center in Germany and even Europe, and it is also a symbol of German high-tech enterprises. 20 of Germany's 100 largest industrial companies are headquartered in cities. Afterwards, the research team will also go to Hannover, Stuttgart and Munich and other key cities to conduct research and visits. As one of the most important countries in Europe, Made in Germany has become a symbol of quality worldwide. Statistics show that this country with a population of only more than 80 million has cultivated more than 2,300 world famous brands. But looking back on the development history of Made in Germany, it can be found that Made in Germany also started from imitating advanced countries, and after years of precipitation, it has achieved today's 'state of the rivers and lakes'. This development path is very similar to Made in China represented by Foshan. Learning from Germany's transformation experience can bring many inspirations to the current manufacturing upgrade in Foshan. During the visit, the research team will have extensive dialogues with German SMEs to explore the secrets of their transformation and upgrading. 2. Go deep into the factory floor to experience Industry 4.0 As a major 'locomotive' of the European economy, Germany attaches great importance to the development of the real economy. In order to further enhance the competitiveness of the industry and take the lead in the new round of industrial revolution, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology have jointly launched the Industry 4.0 strategy in academia and industry. This high-tech strategic plan has swept the world in a very short period of time and has become the direction indicator for the development of global industrial manufacturing. In this survey, the research team will visit Hannover University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe Institute, Technical University of Munich, Fraunhofer Society, Lower Saxony School of Management and many other universities and institutions to follow the application of German Industry 4.0 Leaders of the center, initiators of German Industry 4.0, experts in program automation and intelligent robots, etc. discussed the future of Industry 4.0 together. At the same time, they went deep into the front lines of companies such as BMW Factory in Munich and MAN Commercial Vehicle Factory to directly understand the operation of automated factories. In the recent National Two Sessions, Premier Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report: 'cultivating the spirit of craftsmanship that strives for perfection, increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands'. For Foshan, which takes manufacturing as its foundation, the spirit of craftsmen and the group of craftsmen are of special significance. After the trip to Germany, the research team will also go to Geneva, Switzerland, to talk to the Swiss Watch Federation and explore the craftsmanship behind the world-renowned watch industry.
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