walk the line, part 3: imagining the ottawa underground

by:Gewinn     2019-09-15
There is a piece of fresh tar.
Back in June 8, this part of the heart of the city center was in chaos because the ground gave way and the street opened and swallowed a van in the process.
Some businesses were forced to shut down for a few days when staff struggled to restore water and electricity.
No one has been injured yet, and there is no formal cause, but this sinkhole is 20 metres from the LRT tunnel --
Where soft foundation digging is underway
Many people think there is a connection between the two.
Starting from here, the Federal line tunnel is tilted under the Lido canal, slightly bent to the south, then bent to the West, straight below Queen Street to the Bronson Avenue on the western edge of the central town.
I walked under the overpass, on the stairs next to the scaffolding --
Wrapped in a government convention center and walked past the smiling people who sold the cruise ship to Federation Square on the canal.
On my right, the National War Memorial and the square around it are hidden behind a solid gray building barrier.
On my left, the National Arts Center is also undergoing cosmetic surgery, but the hoarding there, perhaps to match the reasons for the existence of SAIC, is brighter and more enjoyable.
Part of me feels like there\'s something missing here.
Once upon a time, there will be an entrance near LRT that will not only bring people to the American platform and the war memorial, but also to a group of office buildings on Capitol Hill, town hall and North Elkin Street.
This is a history worth revisiting.
The station will be built right below the rido canal, with the west entrance on the Shinkansen and the east entrance on the government Convention Center.
The station at 29 metres underground should be located in the deepest part of the city center tunnel, as it must be built under the canal and under the great sewer below the waterway.
The concept is considered to be too costly, so in early 2012 city staff suggested moving the station east of Rideau.
Some people hate the idea.
This is a decision that has been severely criticized by public transport experts, the National Arts Center, Lord Elgin Hotel owners, and the citizen page here.
Former city affairs columnist Joanne Chianello believes that one of the reasons the Toronto Metro system is so widely used is where passengers need to go almost downtown, usually less than 500 away from the station.
Of course, you can go that far, but the fact that you don\'t need to go is a major advantage.
She wants to know that in 20 years someone will complain that the city has too many words of \"vision\", often the expensive empty pronoun, chianello wrote in a column in March 2012.
\"But if there is such a moment, it is it. The light-
The railway project is the city\'s most important project in decades.
Shouldn\'t we make sure it\'s as good as possible ? \" After praying for LRT station, I walked across Elgin and headed west to the Queen.
This is a very stressful Street.
Kelly Egan, another citizen colleague, wrote: \"The city may have never seen the streets of the city center dug up, blown up, fenced, blocked, patched, like you\'ll find the Queen this summer, it\'s usually screwed up.
\"Some businesses between banks and Gulf streets reported a 50 drop in sales.
Owner Mohammed Hussain said the Cauldron bar gave up serving breakfast from Monday to Wednesday, while Dana Indian food, located under the bar, \"survived because of delivery and take-out \".
Construction company at level 1 O\'Connor Street
The entrance to the future Parliament station will be included in the Sunshine Life Financial Center-
The activity prompt below is invisible.
Since I started covering the town hall for the citizens, I have been curious about the tunnels and the people working there.
Politicians quickly said the federal line was Ottawa\'s biggest construction project since the construction of the Rideau Canal more than 180 years ago.
However, the people who worked day and night away from the spotlight were banned by their owners at the LRT builder Rideau Transit Group, from revealing how they spent their days in the depths below the capital.
The \"who\" section on the project website is just a collection of logos.
No one\'s face.
It is a terrible way for the city to tell its upcoming story.
If we don\'t record what the workers are doing, what they see and feel there, it will disappear forever.
My complaints did not calm my curiosity, so I wanted to tell this part of the story in another way --
The story of what happened below the city core.
At the age of 50, Mike Black had been working on the tunnel project for most of his life.
When he first graduated from school, his first job was in the Channel Tunnel, a railway tunnel connecting Britain and France.
\"It\'s like something I \'ve never experienced before,\" he said on a phone call in London . \".
The tunnel was too long and Blake sometimes had to walk for hours to get to the work site deep in the English Channel.
\"It\'s a unique experience, but I like every minute of it.
I have worked with a lot of people since then and they say there is no such job.
\"Decades ago, Blake was now in charge of the cross-rail geological technology department.
It is an ambitious project that will see a new railway line extending from west to east to the United States. K.
Including nine new stations in central London.
The British dug a maze of tunnels under one of Europe\'s most densely populated cities.
Double Tunnel-
Each one is 21 kilometers long and six.
2 m in diameter, 40 m deep underground-
Shuttle between existing London metro lines, sewers and other utilities as well as building foundations.
The project, which cost nearly £ 16 billion in total, is well over $2. 1-
Yilian line and its 2. 5-
Kilometer tunnel
In December 2019, a year and a half after the Ottawa federal Railway was opened, the Elizabeth line of the cross-rail will carry about 0. 2 billion passengers a year.
\"When you build a tunnel, you get a great sense of accomplishment,\" Black said . \".
\"It is very satisfying to see the passenger using it, to see it in the service, to know that you are part of delivering it.
\"But what it\'s like to work there, I\'m eager for him to help me imagine what might happen to our own underground efforts.
It depends on the tunnel, he said.
In the tunnel between the stations, there are eight independent tunnels on the horizontal track --
Boring machines digging into the ground may be hot, wet and claustrophobic.
\"It\'s like working in a tropical area,\" Blake said . \".
In the station Cave, the road head dug into the ground, and the workers sprayed the concrete lining on the surface of the exposed rock, dusty, but much less claustrophobic.
That\'s because the caves are very large and sometimes 18 metres wide.
RTG does not use tunnels-
There are boring machines here.
The lane is smaller and quieter, limiting the noise and vibration of the surrounding buildings. And the so-
The so-called sequential mining method means that only three major access points are needed, reducing the need to close the street.
Blake says he is not afraid of the tunnel collapse because these boring machines are good at what they do.
As for claustrophobic, he says it will decrease over time.
\"After a while, you focus on work and other things.
\"Familiarity is starting, you just need to focus on the work at hand,\" he said . \". The tunnel-
Use the crossbar rig to effectively self-
In the front, the rotary head is chewed on the ground, while the conveyor belt can remove the waste.
At the same time, another tunnel bottom plate was installed from the back of the machine. They removed 3.
4 tons of earth from London Underground, most of them through the railway to create wetland habitat for birds in Essex.
The materials removed from the Ottawa Tunnel helped to build a huge berm behind the vehicle maintenance and storage facilities on Belfast St Road.
When cross-rail workers are at the station, Black says, they tend to approach the ground and leave the tunnel to rest.
But if their tunnel
The boring machine is too backward, so it is unrealistic to go back to the outside world, and the workers will eat in an isolated area of the machine. The tunnel-
Boring machines vary, he says, but most people will have a toilet, basic laundry facilities and a place where tunnel gangs can rest.
Is there a toilet in the Ottawa Tunnel? The problem is lingering in my mind.
Between May 2012 and May 2015, hundreds of people worked in the crossing tunnel, when the tunnel
The boring machine named after Queen Victoria broke through the last point at fallingon station.
A few days later, David Cameron, Britain\'s former prime minister, wore a helmet and a bright orange building suit, calling the tunnel project a project victory for which workers should
\"When we stand in this extraordinary tunnel, don\'t say that Britain can\'t do big things,\" he boasted . \".
Blake, a deep-seated geologists, said rock samples and fossils on his desk were cluttered.
\"If we find something interesting in the tunnel, I can catch it soon,\" he admits . \".
The staff found some Amber at a excavation site and handed over some interesting fossils to the Museum of Natural History.
However, they did not find anything evil, such as the undetonated bomb left by the Blitz.
Canada has ties to the cross-Rail: Bombardier is building 66 trains at a factory in Derby, England, each of which will accommodate 500 passengers.
Blake has never been to Canada, but he says he will come one day.
\"I have a list and it\'s in the top half.
\"If he goes to Ottawa and stands where I stand, in front of Deville square on Queen Street, he will be at the entrance to Lyon station.
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