Want to learn numerical control technology, it must be spirit

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
Want to learn numerical control technology, it must have spirit, this is very important, we must grasp, how to grasp the craftsmen spirit? Numerical control woodworking lathe factory will tell you in detail. 'Spirit' is to work, to learn, to give. To have a passion to work, there is a persistent; To keep learning new technology, improve the ability; Have the dedication. Without dedication, how about make a good craftsman. Nc machining is technology and art. In the industry competition of globalization today, carry forward the spirit, is expected of made in China, is China's manufacturing power, power quality, the urgent need to promote the development of higher quality. Do everything earnestly, develop, enterprises need most is his biggest dream. Spirit to get up, you must first on the systems and mechanisms for technical workers include all honest labor to seek survival and development of laborer, can really living, dignity and status, have a good life, good development, and good future. Only implement labor truly glorious revered, craftsmen, artisans spirit is the foundation of growth, to carry forward. Human society is developed on the work of man. Labor create value. Labor can be physical and mental. Although with the development of society, science and technology, more and more people are engaged in mental Labour, but still leave the physical labor, human society and physical labor is more and more high technology content, especially those of skilled technicians and craftsmen. Manipulation of the numerical control woodworking lathe need perseverance, need more patience, need careful, which is the core of the spirit.
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