wcma membership directory-2006.

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Wood Components Manufacturers Association 741 Butler doors, Suite 100 ETA, GA 33068 Tel :(770)565-6660 Fax: (770)565-6663 www. woodcomponents.
Org Contact: Steve Laird saw our ad on the back of
Lewis Manufacturing Company
Baltimore, Maryland 21211 Tel :(410)467-2212 Fax: (410)467-3377 www. alewismfg.
Com Contact: Lewis Goldman products: embossed wood mold, cut tooth mold, turnedrope mold, Rose Knot.
Custom turn service including Finland, table legs, island legs, split turns, flat slots and recovery columns.
Columns for up to 12 ft x 12 ft species available: most Appalachian hard wood, Redwood, alder, Northeast Pine see our ad page 31 adventure timber
Contact number: (49301)574)286-7399 Fax: (616)682-9215 www. Adventure number.
Products: Cabinet parts, side of drawer, stiles & rails, card case parts, blank, edge
Plywood, furniture parts, blocks, handles, chair parts, wood products, styling, wall panels, laminated squares, newelposts, heat modified wood, wood 4/4-
16/4 species: Alder, ash, Aspen, bas Wood, beech tree, Birch, cherry, Cotton Wood, pecan, ham and soft maple, red and white oak, white pine and yellow pine poplar, walnut processing: finger picking, trimming, surface polishing, shaping, unlocking, forming, chopping, tearing, gluing, routing look at our advertising page 26 fuguicao Wei company and WV 26847 Tel :(304)257-9513 Fax: (304)257-9510 bchehi.
Alleghenydimension @ frontiernet.
Contact: Robert Chehi product: Edge-
Adhesive panel for cuttingto-
Size blanks, squares, molding and machining, CNC parts, stair parts, Cabinet parts, drawer boxes, cabinet doors. Categories: red oak, cherry, hard soft maple, pecan processing: Rip, chop, mold, glue, shape, CNC American WalnutSt.
64501 Contact number :(816)232-6781 Fax: (816)232-3300 www. americanwalnut.
Com Contact: Man Eckley products: Wood, size components on furniture square, floor blanks, special width and length sorting American Wood Processing Co. , Ltd.
Contact number: (53949)608)297-2131 Fax: (608)297-7124 www.
American woodworking company
Com Contact: Adolfo (Ed)
Koelbl products: Pin, plug, wedge, block, handle, knob, leg, molded, Ball, base, roller, spool. Types: maple, oak, bas Cherry, Poplar, walnut, Ash processing: Turning, walking, pin machine, drilling, tearing, shaping, forming heart count size timber company
WI 54459 Ogema Tel :(715)767-5191 Fax: (715)767-5655 www. anplumber.
Com Contact: John Meyer products: stiles and rails for door components, interior doors, blinds components, bendings, side of drawer, stiles and rails, blanks, edges-
Processing of wood, ash, Aspen, bas Wood, Birch, cherry, pecan, mahogany, hard soft maple, red and white oak, Anderson Wood Products Co. , Ltd. white pine, Poplar, Walnut: surface polishing
KY 40251 Louisville Tel :(502)778-5591 Fax: (502)778-5599 www. andersonwood.
Contact Information: Tim Bull products: molded, edge-
Adhesive and laminated panels, laminated squares, stair railings, bed parts, cuttingto-
Size blank type: Red Oak, soft maple, ash, mountain wool ball, cherry, hard maple, Poplar, mahogany, Kamala, Lyptus machining: Edge-
Glue coating, lamination, sanding, molding, unlocking, drilling, wiring, molding, contour polishing, sub-complete assembly, finishing art decoration company
Tel: (MN 55113 Roseville)651)631-2807 Fax: (651)631-3705 www. artfinishes.
Com Contact: Steve Johnson Products: prefabricated hardwood flooring molding, linear molding, wood products, hardwood flooring, blanks, stair pedals, riser types in the flooring and cabinet industry: White Birch, cherry, Ash Elm, pecan, hard maple, white soft maple, red white oak, pecan, white pine, walnut, many exotic machining: complete the granite waterfall of related hard wood products, NC 28630 Contact number :(828)396-3321 Fax: (828)396-6202 www.
Associate edhardwoods.
Contact number: Rick Jordan atlas dowel & wood products, OH 45030 Contact number :(513)202-9444 Fax: (513)202-0942 www. atlasdowel.
Com Contact: Peter Puttmann, Wayde Davis products: pin Rod, rope molding, turning, long custom length, custom assembly, pin, Button, plug peach wood, mahogany, teak, Cedar processing: slot, round, cone, Mao, point, end hole, cross hole, centerless grinding, lathe processing, tearing, planing Audubon block
KY 40066 sherbiville Tel :(502)633-5470; (800)333-5700 Fax: (502)633-2329 www. audubonblock.
Com Contact: Mike Brown products: wood components and custom wood products: Poplar, maple, ash, beech, walnut, cherry, oak processing: high
Speed bring, cutting, forming, double end insert, assembly, band saw, planing, tearing BABCOCK Wood. CO.
Champion, PA 15622 Tel :(724)593-6124 (800)268-7395 Fax: (724)593-2390 www. babcocklumber.
Products: custom molded, stiles & rails, edge-
Wood types: primary: red oak, poplar, White Oak, gray, Cherry;
Other species: maple, pecan, alder, walnut, mahogany processing: planing, sanding, wiring, forming, bonding Bennett Wood
Tel: (AL 36272 Piemont)256)447-9663 Fax: (256)447-2178 www. Bennettlumberco.
Contact: James Bennett Bernie McGreen Wood Co. , Ltd.
Milg 2J0 Contact number :(519)367-5789 Fax: (519)367-
No. 3214 Wittman sawmill
Ca Contact: Dennis McGreen, Bernie McGreen products: Wood, size blank, floor, decor, molded, flat. Categories: Ash, hard maple, bas Wood, mountain matching chopped length, molding, end of BERTCH Cabinet MFG. INC.
Tel: (50704)319)296-2987 Fax: (319)296-2315 www. bertch.
Contact number: Jim Senn BHK 10917, Central American Valley, New York Tel :(845)928-6200; (800)663-4176 Fax: (845)928-2287 www. bhkofamerica.
Com Contact: William Byrne products: Cabinet parts, wood drawers, Durawrap drawers, plywood drawers, front, laminate flooring, decorative walls and ceiling systems see our advertising page
Contact number: (Kreamer, PA 17833)570)374-1108 Fax: (570)374-5342 www. bingamanlumber.
Contact: Bob McCabe product: Cut-to-
Size blank, S2 S, S4S, 4/4 and 8/4 wood species: Ash, mountain hair tree, Birch, cherry, pecan, hard soft maple, red and white oak, poplar, walnut black NC 28645 Tel :(828)433-4747 Fax: (828)433-
5490 Blackstone @ directus.
Net Contact: Dick Keyes product: stair pedal, riser, return pedal, start step, armrest, molded, floor trim, landing pedal, reducer, threshold, edge-
Plywood, square, curved plywood, chair parts, curved table parts, curved shop fixture species: Red-White Oak, hard-soft maple, Poplar, ash, cherry, Brazilian cherry, other exotic wood processing: CNC wiring, molding, drilling, sanding see our advertising page 22 BLAINVILLE molding
Contact number of QC J7C 4L8 Blainville :(450)430-3600; (800)363-6367 Fax: (450)430-2286 www.
Com Contact: Diane Karon products: interior wood products, hard wood molding and components, transition molding in flooring industry, furniture components, cabinet components, S4S, S2 S, handrails, types: Red and White Oak, hard soft maple trees, poplar trees, birch trees, alder, ash, Bas Wood, mountain hair trees, walnuts, jatoba, sapele, Santos Redwood, anegre, khaya, etc.
Processing: double-end unlocking, double-end molding, laser guide drop, forming, re-cutting, grinding, optimization bois noraspen inc. Saguenay (Jonquiere)
Contact number :(418)547-1768 Fax: (418)547-3090 www. noraspen.
Com Contact: Frank Huard products: cabinet door, front and side of drawer, coffin parts, chair seats and parts, edges
Paste panel, butcher block panel, molded, wall panel, paneling, square, table top, SPS-
3 species of Barha with fingerprint connection: aspen, birch, spruce, pine, fir processing: fingerprint connection, surface and edge polishing, unlocking, planingE. T.
Tearing, sawing, molding, thermal modification of wood using European technology bois nordex inc. Mont-
Contact number of QC J9L 2x2 :(819)440-4600 Fax: (819)440-4200 www. boisnordex.
Com mlefebv re @ boisnordex.
Contact: Martin Lefebre product: Blank, cutto-
Size, rough parts, flooring, wood species: hard and soft, birch and birch, Red Oak, mountain hair, bas Wood, Cherry Roland BoLTD.
Telephone number :(819)358-4100; (800)363-5168 Fax: (819)-358-4178 www. boulanger. qc.
Ca Contact: Richard Leclerc Guy: decorative wood molding, wood products, type of parts: Oriental White Pine, medium fiber board, oak, birch, maple processing: fingerprint welding, forming drilling, bar code, primer, embossing, packaging (
Vinyl, paper, wood)
Bradford, PA 16701 Tel :(814)368-3701 Fax: (814)368-3720 www. bradfordforest.
Com Contact: Steve Sabatini product: immediate wood line, cutto-
Door, door, frame, edge size
Types: cherry, hard soft maple, red oak, walnut, ash, Quarter-
Sawwood White Oak processing: unlocking, forming, and contouring at both ends see our advertising page 3 BROOKVILLE Wood products Brookville, PA 15825 Tel :(814)849-7331 Fax: (814)849-4143 www. bwphdws.
Com Contact: Joe Mitchell products: size, S4S, square, sheet, baseball bat blank type: Red Oak, hard soft maple, cherry processing: planing, precision end trimming, profiling Contact number: (IL 60638 Bedford Park, BRUSIC custom components708)458-9900 Fax: (708)458-
9816 brucuscom @ Brussels rose.
Com Contact: Edward Brusic products: chair parts, complete chair assembly, furniture assembly, Wood assembly Category: hard soft maple, ash, Poplar, oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry processing
LA 71322 bunkie cnc machining Bunkie Wood Products Contact number :(318)346-7224 Fax: (318)346-7225 www. members. aol.
Com/bunkiewood Contact Information: Bert desran products: furniture square, round, molded, turning, wood and plastic pallets South yellow pine machining: molding, turning, CNC wiring cable accessories
Contact number: (CO 81505 Grand Junction)970)241-7682 Fax: (970)241-7689 www. cabparts.
Com Contact: Stuart Thompson Products: Cabinet box, drawer box, closet parts, cutto-
Size and fully processed components available for assembly type: G2 S hot melt melamine panel, \"green\" panel product, medium fiber board/Veneer Panel, plywood processing: CNCpoint-to-
Point processing, beam saw, pin insertion, edge sealing CATAWISSA timber and professional companyINC.
Contact number: (PA 17820 Catawissa)570)356-2349 Fax: (570)356-2485 www. catlmbr.
Contact Information: Anne Auker products: Edge-
Glued panels, face laminated squares, cutting materials, molded blanks, drawer parts, stair parts, butter panel species: Red and White Oak, hard and soft maple, cherry, Birch yellow poplar processing: molding, molding, CNC point-to-
Point work, sanding, unlocking at both ends, drilling, edge-
Polish, shape and see our advertising page month CCF industrial Apollo, BA 15613 Tel :(724)727-2045 Fax: (724)727-3015 www. ccfdrawers.
Products: custom docking drawer types: hard soft maple, cherry, mahogany, oak, walnut, Baltic birch, Cedar, Mountain hairy, see our advertising page 26 Central Hardwood Dallas, TX 75229 Tel :(972)241-3571 Fax: (972)484-8228 www.
Hardwood floors in the center.
Com Contact: Peter Wilbert, Gene McDaniel products: S2 S, S4S, blank e blank, edge-
Plywood, butcher block, ribbon flooring, linear molding, wall panel, paneling, molding, MDFmouldings, plywood parts, round, square, stair pedals, handrails, edge-sealing species: alder Wood, ash, bas Wood, shanmao tree, Birch, cherry, chestnut, mahogany, hard and soft tree, red and white oak, poplar processing: CNC drilling, CNC machining, wiring, CNC wiring, planing, tearing, forming, end profile, bonded champeau jm St-
2Y0 Tel, QC work :(819)658-2244 Fax: (819)658-2297 www. champeau.
Com Contact: Harvey Stevens products: square, size, pin for furniture parts, stair railing, Billiards Club, baseball bat stock type: hard white maple in the north, soft maple, birch, white ash processing: vacuum kiln, surface treatment, Dowlin see our advertising page 25 champion wood products company
Tel: (47130)812)282-9460 Fax: (812)283-
@ Ccol 0403 chmpwoodcs.
Net Contact: Andy Thurstone products: molded, blank, S2 S, S4S, E4E, Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, stiles and rails, chair parts, edge
Adhesive panels, toy parts, edge-sealing species: alder, ash, Aspen, bas Wood, mountain hair tree, Birch, cherry, pecan, hard soft maple, red and white oak, yellow and yellow pine, Poplar, Tupelo processing: Assembly, boring, face Scrub, Noble rich cherry forest products, N1H 4G3 Tel :(519)763-1466 Fax: (519)763-7353 www. cherryforest.
Ca Contact: Jacob Baranski Cincinnati road Bell Wood products
Tel: (Orab, OH 45154)937)444-2502 Fax: (937)444-4095 www. Attidorf.
Com Contact: Jerry Streight products: stake, stake type: Red white oak, maple, Poplar, Birch, walnut, cherry, mahogany, teak, pipe machining: 1/4 to 1-1/2-in.
Diameter, up to 3 in.
Lucky in length colonial craft HOMESHIELD, wireless network 54853 Tel :(715)472-2223 Fax: (715)472-8770 www. home-shield.
Com Contact: Melissa monchlovich products: molded, grid line, extended jambs, components, S4S blanks, pocket frame species: mechanical processing of red and white oak, hard and soft maple, pecan, mahogany, birch, ash, pine, fir, cedar: molding, tearing, sanding, endfab, cut-to-length,edge-
Conestoga Wood professional company
Contact number: (PA 17519 East Earl)717)445-6701; (800)964-3667 Fax: (717)445-3409 www. conestogawood.
Contact: Jim Rineer product: Edge-
Glue plate, molded, door, radius door, mullion door, diagonal door, drawer front, drawer box, machete, cutting board, spice shelf, knife shelf, alder, cherry, hard soft maple, birch and the birch, white and Red Oak, quarter saw oak, Lyptus, East white pine, walnut, pecans, mid-slim board door and front of drawer processing: RF bonding, planning, gang tearing, forming edge banding, shaping, mitchsaw, chop saw, assembly machine, sanding, finishing system see our advertising page 7 COULEE regional enterprise company
Contact number: (WI 54614 Bangor)608)486-2882 Fax: (608)486-4235 www.
Products: Cabinet parts, cutting-to-
Blank edge size
Types: Red and White Oak, hard and soft maple, cherry, pecan, Ash processing: tearing, cross cutting, precision end trimming, widebelt sanding, molding, front profile shaping/sanding of drawers see our ad page 26 cox interior inc.
KY 42718 Campbell sville Tel :(270)465-2624 Fax: (270)789-3695 www. coxinterior.
Com Contact: Tim Graham kronand Wood size Department
NC 28093 Lincoln ton phone :(704)736-2691 Fax: (704)735-8493 www. cronlandlumber.
Contact: Corey kronand David Boyce
Contact number of QC J1S 3B8 :(819)845-5950 Fax: (819)845-7619 www. davibois.
Ca Contact: David Charette products: Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, chair parts, S4S blanks, edges-
Types: Birch, cherry, hard and soft maple processing: Assembly, CNC machining, embossing, finishing, mortising, surface and edge polishing, shaping, eye opening processing-
Creative professional company
In Monrovia, CA 91016 Tel :(626)254-9191 Fax: (626)254-1515 www. decore.
Com Contact: Todd Warner products: custom cabinet door: solid panel, solid diagonal, convex radius, raised panel, recessed panel, French lites, veneer, laminate, medium fiber board
Drawer front tail drawer-
Categories: red oak, maple, birch, cherry, European beech tree, alder tree, multi-section alder tree, Birch, walnut, mahogany, pecan, DENOON Wood, MDF.
Telephone: (43908)740)768-2597 Fax: (740)768-2856 www. denoon.
Com Contact: Clay cross key products: Blank, S2 S, S4S, floor, molding, wall panel, molding, square, Wood to 16/4 kinds: cherry, pecan red and white oak, poplar design staircase
Tel: (sandwich, IL 60548)815)786-7600; (800)654-1091 Fax: (815)786-6500 www. designedstairs.
Com Contact: Brent Petersen products: stair parts, stair manufacturing, custom and standard design species: red white oak, white hard maple, cherry, Poplar, walnut, ash, birch, white South yellow pine, jatoba, ipe, mahogany machining: automatic rough grinding, size grinding, turning, stair Assembly, complete the drawer box special Orange, CA 92867 Tel :(714)744-4247 Fax: (714)744-0650 www. dbsdrawers.
Com Contact: customer service product: type of drawer box: alder, ash, bas Wood, Birch, cherry, Douglas fir, Park, pecan, Redwood, bard tree and soft maple, red and white pine, Poplar, walnut, medium fiber board, melamine, plywood processing: english and French Connection, fingerprint welding, drilling, positioning, Mitter ebennis illawoiSt-Ferreol-
Neiges Hotel Royal Palace a 3R0 Tel :(418)826-1648 Fax: (418)826-1978 www. pierremarois.
Contact Information: Pierre Marois products: Edge-
Wood Furniture Components, laminated square, chair type: all hard wood types, Pine processing: CNC machining (5 axis)
, Polishing, wiring, surface and edge polishing, unlocking, shaping, precision cutting drilling, split
Progress in assembling ELIAS wood products and manufacturing, MB R6W 4B5 Tel :(204)325-9962 Fax: (204)325-5617 www. eliaswoodwork.
Com Contact: Trevor Wiebe products: cabinet door, wood molding, turning, furniture parts, drawer box, rope and toothpaste molding, Aspen processing of bending parts: almost any processing operation is performed;
Check out our advertising page 18 felix huard inc. Sainte-
Contact number :(418)739-4894 Fax: 418-739-3457 www. fhuard.
Contact Information: Gino Picard, Michel Huard products: Die blank, cutto-
Size, floor, ready-to-
DingTalk pallet assembly, wood species: yellow and white birch, hard red leaf maple, Aspen, Ruby Birch [1 [TM]
Check out our ad page 20 fitcaloosa, AL 35403 Tel :(205)345-5188 Fax: (205)345-9998 www. fitts.
Contact: Frank Fitzpatrick Weiler
Tel: (14731)716)699-2393 Fax: (716)699-2893 www. fitzweller.
Contact Information: Greg Fitzpatrick, Ron Mercer products: Cabinet parts, chair parts, cuttingto-
Blank edge size
Sticky panels, butcher block panels, wood products, molded, square, stair parts, drawer parts, instrument parts Category: mechanical processing of hard soft maple, red and white oak, cherry, ash, Poplar, walnut, mahogany, mountain hair tree: molding, unlocking, CNC wiring, drilling, molding, sanding, gluing see the advertising pages we are going to take Fulai hardwood INC.
Tel: (46106)317)422-5629 Fax: (317)422-5630 www. foleyhardwoods.
Com Contact: Todd hook products: molded, S4S, S3S, blank, floor, paneling, square, side of drawer, edge-
Plywood, door frame, types of handrails: Red and White Oak, hard and soft maple, Poplar, cherry, pecan, mountain tree, walnut, sass Wood, Ash processing: molding, sanding, planing, gluing, DET, gang tearing, SLR, panel size, cuttingto-
Tel: (Staten Island, NY 10302, NY)718)447-5836 Fax: (718)447-5849 www. foremostwood.
Com Contact: Rolph Singh products: entrance door, thin cutting material (1_10-in. , 1_8-in. , 1_4-in. thick)
, Pine core material, SC corematerial species: all hard wood, most soft wood, domestic, imported, foreign
Qcj2c 5P8 Drummondville Tel :(819)477-8787 Fax: (819)-472-3965 www. foresbec.
Contact: local Francois Bruch;
Export to Louis Bruso;
Products sold: Wood, flooring, cuttingto-
Types: Black Cherry, European mountain wool ball, black walnut, gray and redelm, hard and soft tree, Red Birch and yellow birch, Russian Birch, Red and White Oak: manufacturing of surface treatment, tearing, molded forest products. CO. INC.
Contact number: (47546)812)482-5625 Fax: (812)482-
9148 Zunsheng @ insightbb.
Contact: John Seng products: chair parts, Cabinet parts, edge
Plywood, mold type: red oak, poplar, hard soft maple, sweet gum, walnut, cherry, Sycamore processing: molding, shaping, Stone opening, polishing, drilling, frederic, contact number of WI 54837 :(715)327-4200 Fax: (715)327-4201 www. 4seaswood.
Com Contact: Paula Foerst products: Building wood products, pocket door frame, stair parts, S4S board, extended jambs, copper station, hard soft maple for columns, cherry, yellow birch, yellow poplar, pecan, pine, knot pine, clear alder, knot alder, walnut processing: tearing, forming, planing, sanding, coping, chopping fryburg door inc.
OH 44654 Fort Mills Tel :(330)674-5252 Fax: (330)674-1877 www. fryburgdoor.
Products: Furniture and Cabinet parts: cabinet door, edge-
Drawer parts (
Assembled or not assembled)
, Molded Materials, face frame materials, other types of products of various sizes: red and white oak, cherry, Poplar, hard and soft maple, birch, walnut, pecan, red and white oak other requirements for processing: edge bonding, molding, precision end trimming, molding, profile grinding, hand polishing, and more.
George Gunze & Sons
Kidina, N2C 1k3 Tel :(519)579-5080 Fax: (800)450-7654 www. guenzler.
Com Contact: Neil Devereaux products: standard and custom stair and railing assemblies, standard and custom table legs, contract custom assemblies, healthcare, wood furniture industry for hotels and institutions, display wood for stool assemblies, puzzle plywood decorative frame types: Red Oak, European mountain wool ball, hard and soft tree, ash, birch, walnut, mahogany, cherry, knot pine, other species provide onrequest processing: high and low production turning and polishing, CNCboring, routing, sawing, shaping look at our advertising page 29 GERBER wood products, Oh 44636 Tel :(330)857-9007 Fax: (330)857-9009 www. gerberwood.
Com Contact: Steve Gerber Products: handrails, curved handrails, stair parts, pedals and riser, S2 S, S4S, blanks, edges-
Plywood, wood products, wall panels, wall panels, molding, plywood parts, square types: processing of mountain hair trees, cherries, pecans, mahogany, hard and soft trees, red and white oak trees, poplar trees, Brazilian cherries: direct turning
Pull line, pull line, optimization, planing, 16-
Ft bonding, lamination, molding, tearing, broadband sanding, contouring, wiring, shaping GIGUERE & morin inc. St-
QC J0B 2T0 contact number of Felix de Kingsey :(819)848-2525 Fax: (819)-848-2617 www. gigueremorin.
Contact: Guy Morin products: Edge-
Type of furniture parts: Birch, Red Oak, hard, soft maple processing: CNC machining, top and edge polishing, boring Gingrich woodworking company
Devlin, Phone :(807)486-2266 Fax: (807)486-
0351 info @ gingrichwood.
Net Contact: Leon Gingrich products: tuxedo drawer, Cabinet parts, door panel, front of drawer, side of drawer, solid wood drawer accessories, aromatic cedar shelf, S2 S, S4S, edge
Plywood, butcher block, square, stair section, pedals, riser, table top and parts species: Alder, ash, aspen, beech, birch, cherry, pecans, Redwood, red oak, white pine, walnut processing: finishing, hard and soft maple, making to see our ad page 24 Monte loglen oak wood and milling, wireless network 53949 Tel :(608)297-2161 Fax: (608)297-7244 www. glenoaklumber.
Contact: Tony Korish products: Cabinet parts, drawer front, size, edge
Glub plate, finger joint material, S4S plate.
Type: Red Oak, soft maple, Poplar, bas wood processing: bonding, lamination, molding, optimization, planing, cutting, planing, polishing, dbl \"E\", good general situation polishing of Wood Company
OH Belmont 43718 Tel :(740)484-1500 Fax: (740)484-1501 www. goodwoodinc.
Com Contact: Dave Murphy product: turning of wood, dowels, Wood knobs, process parts, toy parts, covers, OEM components, blanks, round, square, red oak of Nuel pillar, cherry, walnut, ash, Poplar processing: turn 1/8. to 16 m. long, 5/8 in. to 3 in.
Diameter, pin, boring, face and edge polishing, shaping, finishing products and Wood Products Co. , Ltd. 65084 Tel :(573)378-2580 Fax: (573)378-
5377 goodsmillwork @ myexcel.
Contact: Tim Good products: hard wood molding, edge-
All kinds: all hard wood machining: Steel tearing, profile forming, radius forming, wide belt sanding, edge-
Glue, Big Lake Forest
Tel: (49424) Netherlands, MI616)399-3300 Fax: (616)399-3679 www. greatlakewoods.
Products: wood molding, packaging molding (
Paper, vinyl, veneer)
, Relief, toothpaste, rope molding, Wood assembly, shop fixture parts, furniture parts Category: All hard wood and cork processing view our advertising page 33 gutlumber LUMBER, NY 13045 Tel: (607)753-3393 Fax: (607)753-6234 www. gutchess.
Com Contact: Bill Watson, Dave Hunter, Doug Hunter Products: Cabinet parts, chair parts, cut partsto-
Blank edge size
Sticky panels, molded parts, molded blanks, stair parts, wood, SIS and S2 S Wood, face frame, stiles and rails species: Ash, bas Wood, cherry, hard tree red White Oak, huang Yang machinery processing: planing, optimizing tearing, cutting saw, double-end unlocking, gluing, polishing, mold making Hart tie and Wood CompanyINC.
Tel: Black River Falls (WI 54615)715)284-5616 Fax: (715)284-
5933 harttielbr @ hotmail.
Com Contact: Butch Ofsdahl products: Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, stiles & rails, blank, edge-
Plywood, butcher block, molded material, wood type: cherry, pecan, hard soft maple, red oak machining: Surface and edge sanding, shaping, kaiseki pecan frameINC.
Contact number: (24506)434)847-8489 Fax: (434)847-
8984 Contact: Jeff beckertel Jr.
Products: turning, engraving accessories, chair accessories, blank, edge
Adhesive panels, butcher block, molded, square, stair parts, stair pedals, riser and spindle, handrails, Nuel pillars, table top, upholstered frame stock species Cherry, gum, Park, pecan, processing of mahogany, hard and soft trees, red and white oak, pecan, white pine, yellow pine, Poplar, tuberro, Walnut: assembly, drilling, CNC drilling, engraving, CNC machining, finishing, mor grinding, wiring, CNC wiring surface and edge grinding, shaping, unlocking HIMMELBERGER-HARRISON CO.
Contact number: (MO 63868 Morehouse)573)667-5291 Fax: (573)667-
5293 Contact: Ken Lowes, Tim Garnett products: edge, edge-
Solid wood plate and furniture frame types: Park tree, fast-growing Yang and other mixed hardwood processing: trimming, drilling, qualified back buckle, polishing, appearance, custom mkeln drying and mountain hardwood Laurel ville Oh 43135 Tel :(740)332-8515 Fax: (740)332-9663 www.
Hardware products.
Contact: Terry Thompson product: Cut-to-
Size parts, mold, kiln dry wood type: red and white oak, poplar, walnut processing: mold, computer cutting, straight line cutting
OH 45871 phone number :(419)753-2263 Fax: (419)753-2611 www. hoge.
Com Contact: Jack Hoge products: Building wood products, custom molding, furniture and Cabinet parts, strips, blanks, frame parts, shell parts, S4S, blank of flat and parquet floor, wood type: ash, birch, Cedar, cherry, hard soft maple, pecans, mahogany, pine, Poplar, red and white oak, sycamore, walnut, medium fiber board, melamine, laminated machining: sawmill, kiln, drilling, edge sealing, fingerprint welding, painting, molding, optimized RFgluing, sanding, shaping, Holt and BUGBEE mortise.
There, Ma 01876 Tel :(978)851-7201; (800)325-6010 Fax: (978)851-3941 www. holtandbugbee.
Contact: Roger C. Pierce, Jr.
Products: molded, S4S, custom flooring, D2S, D3S, Primer: ash, birch, cherry, hard soft maple, red and white oak, jatoba, mahogan sapele, teak, utile, walnut processing: molding, planing, tearing, double-end unlocking, UVfinishing/suction HUNTWOOD industrial free Lake, WA 99019 Tel :(509)924-5858 Fax: (509)344-0002 www. huntwood.
Com Contact person: Colin J. G. F. , molded, raised panel type: oak, maple, mountain tree, cherry, pecan, alder processing: custom molded Indiana size company
Cole hardwood
Contact number: (46947)574)739-2319 Fax: (574)739-2818 www. colehardwood.
Com Contact: Roy deutschler products: Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, stiles & rails, chair parts, wood, blank, edge-
Categories: Ash, cherry, pecan, hard soft maple, red and white oak, poplar, walnut processing: surface polishing, see our advertising page 7 Indiana handle CompanyINC.
Contact number: (47454) Paoli812)723-3159 Fax: (812)723-5630 www.
Classical wood products.
Com Contact: Gene Trinkle products: turn, Coffin Corner, billiard table leg, table stand and leg, rope and groove turn, mold, railing and Nuel Post, special shaped parts, exposed red and white oak, cherry, walnut, sycamore, Poplar, Redwood, Cedar White Pine processing: band saw, car knife, peep-
Drilling, conventionalboring, sanding, shaping, appearance, routing, molding, S/L ripping, finishing MILLWORKS Spokane, Luhe, WA 99212 Tel :(509)218-7424 Fax: (509)892-
8913 joeim39 @ hotmail.
Com Contact: Joe Mitchell products: Stiles & rails, coffin parts, flooring, molding of ropes and toothpaste, wall panels, stair parts, handrails, sealing species: alder, shanmao, Birch, cherry, Douglas fir, pecan, Redwood, hard and soft, red and white oak, yellow pine, Poplar, walnut, Cedar processing: molding and surface polishing of Ohio Company
OH 45344, New Carlisle :(937)845-0211, (800)797-8757 Fax: (937)845-0230 www. intrig.
Net Contact: Roland Filbrun products: medium fiber board door, medium fiber board wall panel system, medium fiber board wall panel system, broken board parts, stair parts, riser/spindle, new machining: CNC drilling, CNC machining, wiring, CNC routing wood and dimension Co. , Ltd. Marion, IA 52302 Tel, Iowa :(319)377-1365 Fax: (319)377-
1369 kchapman @ iowadimension.
Products: size products, cutting-to-
Specifications blank, torn blank type: Walnut, red and white oak, cherry, hard maple, elm, pecan processing: optimize the tearing of the help, optimize the chop saw, cut
Rising saw, tearing straight J. D. IRVING LTD.
Claire, NB E7A 2H2 Tel :(506)992-9020 Fax: (506)992-
9021 Contact Details: Denis Dube products: Blank, $2 s, $ 4S, pin, edge-
Wood type: ash, birch, hard soft maple, red oak machining: molding, bonding, surface treatment jay gee wood products Barrington, IL 60010 Tel :(847)381 7200 Fax: (847)381-0078 www. jageewood.
Contact: Peter Freund products: parts, export blanks, edges
Category: walnut, cherry, oak, alder tree, shanmao tree, Maple processing: Full coarse grinding, bonding, molding, sanding, drilling, finishing, New York Hempstead Joseph art company 11550 Tel :(516)489-3080 Fax: (516)489-3148 www. jawsinc.
Com Contact: Oscar Coster products: wood products, legs, pillars, finishes, bending molding, custom molding, rope molding, panel flip, handrails and accessories, engraving all domestic wood, imported wood processing: CNC rolling flat, CNC cutting processing, Mattison & Cory cutting processing, flow trough processing, rolling edge processing, machine carving to see our advertising page 26 KANE hardwood, BA 16735 Tel :(814)837-6941 Fax: (814)837-4396 www. collinswood.
Contact: Paul Eastman, ext 148;
Randy Byers, extension 117;
Gary Holmes, ext 127 products: Rip stock, molding machine blank, floor blank, finger joint blank, edge-
Type: cherry, hard soft maple, red oak machining: tearing, cutting-to-
Length, bonding, sanding, DET, molded, turning KEIM Wood
Charm, OH 44617 Tel :(330)893-2251 Fax: (330)893-7039 www. keimlumber.
Com Contact: Noah Jode products: Cabinet parts, side of drawer, stiles & rails, chair parts, blanks, edges-
Types: Ash, bas Wood, Birch, cherry, pecan, mahogany, hard maple, red and white oak, white pine, yellow pine, Poplar, walnut processing: CNC drilling, CNC machining, finger welding, CNC wiring, sanding, Shaping wood, IA 52042 Tel :(563)928-6431 Fax: (563)928-7215 www.
Com Contact: Amanda Burkin products: KD Wood, size, kitchen and bathroom furniture Category: Ash, bas Wood, cherry, Ash Elm, red elm, hard soft maple, walnut KLISE Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Contact number: (MI 49505 Grand Rapids)616)459-4283 Fax: (616)459-4062 www. klisemfg.
Contact: Jim Buter, Van Moore products: engraving, handmade
Carved and embossed wood products.
Molding, trim, cushion, trim, Rose Knot, cover, legs, base, Valve, filler, door panel, Crown, Post, foot, grill, inlaid red white oak, ash, pecan, redwood, aspen, birch, mountain tree, banak, cherry, Lyptus, Poplar, sapele, walnut, alder, bas wood, others processed as required: ropes, beads, marble, embossed, crossover, wiring, cncroting, shredding, flip through our ad page 33 kretz lumber co. INC.
WI 54409 Tel :(715)623-5410 Fax: (715)627-4399 www. kretzlumber.
Contact: Tim Kassis products: Edge-
Adhesive panel, cutting stock, S4S, floor blank, finger joint, mold type: hard maple processing: planing, tearing, chop saw, optimizing chop, sanding, gluing, industrial refer to our advertising page 35 LAMBTON Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Langton qc cucm 1H0 Tel :(418)486-7451 Fax: (418)-486-7450 www. lambton.
Products: stair parts, stair parts, edge-
Adhesive panels, squares, size parts, blanks, molded types: North red oak, hard white maple, yellow birch, other required processing: kiln drying, rough machining, edge and surface bonding double-end unlocking, finger welding, molding, styling, turning, planing, CNC wiring, see our ad page 29 lauber manufacturing co.
Archbold, OH 43502 Tel :(419)445-7550 Fax: (509)267-4535 www. laubermfg.
Com Contact: Bruce Lauber products: hardwood components with or without tension, molded, S4S, S2 S, including step tension, door frame, cutto-
Size blank type: Red and White Oak, hard and soft maple, Poplar, cherry processing: d. , mould, diagonal, fit, D. , boring, edge and surface bonding, bending, shape, Lewis Wood Products Co. , Ltd.
Photo rock, PA 17762 Tel :(570)584-4460 Fax: (570)584-4466 www. lewislp.
Com Contact: Mike Mamrak, Ed Pry products: Custom profile molding, blank, chop to length molding type Birch, eucalyptus processing: s2 S, rip 1 edge, optimized stripping, shredding, optimized shredding, molded Louis Anna State Cabinet
Los Angeles Lake Charles 70601 Tel :(337)497-0555 Fax: (337)439-1678 bwc@cox-internet.
Com Contact: Billy Caldwell products: solid wood cabinet door, drawer front species: Alder, ash, birch, cherry, Spanish cedar, cypress, pecan, beech, Redwood, maple, red and white oak, multi-section pine, walnut Maine timber
Tel: (04768) Portage Lake, ME207)435-4393 Fax: (207)435-6714 www. mainewoods.
Net Contact: Scott Ogilvy products: Wood, blank, Variety: hard and soft maple, yellow birch mechanical processing: planing, just turned over the marsh Wood Company.
Contact number: (SC 29583 Pamplico)843)493-5111 Fax: (843)493-
1994 @ marshfurniture lard.
Contact Information: LaVerne Ard products: size inventory, type of cabinet door: maple, hard soft maple in the north, Oak processing: planing, Marshall, TX 75670 Contact number :(903)935-0500 Fax: (903)935-0509 www. mcwllc.
Com rowens @ mcwllc.
Com Contact: Randy Owens products: cabinet door, Cabinet parts, front of drawer, side, box, stiles & rails, edge-
Types of adhesive panels, molded parts, broken board parts: Ash, mountain wool ball, cherry, pecan, hard soft maple, Poplar processing: Assembly, CNC drilling, CNC machining, finishing, menonfinee, MI 49858 Tel :(906)863-2682 Fax: (906)863-2700 www. mrlandd.
Contact: David Geier, 906-864-
1909 products: custom hardwood floor size, door and window parts, cutto-
Size blank, edge and surface adhesive panel, top of butcher block, edge-
Type of ribbon plywood parts: hard maple, cherry, mahogany, Red Oak, hard wood in the north, mechanical processing of imported wood: planing, tearing, chopping, gluing, sanding, trimming, drilling, edge
Tie-up, panel saw see our ad page 37 menuiserox inc.
Bosville, QC G5X 2S9 Tel :(450)585-8948 Fax: (450)581-9114 www. nrenuiserox. qc. ca steeve.
Stroller @ menuiserox. qc.
Ca Contact: Steeve operator products: stair parts, handrails, laminated squares, stair pedals, landing pedals (nosing)
, Mold type: North red oak, white hard maple, cherry, mountain hair tree, birch tree, mahogany, jatoba mechanical processing: mold, finger pull, optimized tear PA 17557 Contact number :(717)355-7700 Fax: (888)355-7361 www. meridianpmduct.
Com Contact: Sparky Grace products: cabinet door, solid wood door, medium fiber board door and door core, Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, drawer box, stiles and rails fireplace/surround, type of wall guard: alder, ash, birch, cherry, pecan, mahogany, hard and soft, red white oak, pecan, white pine and yellow pine, Poplar, walnut, yptus, medium fiber plate processing: Drilling, finishing, mor mouth, wiring, face and edge, plastic surgery, view our ad page 25 chairman of Michigan
Howard City, MI 49329 Tel :(231)937-4367 Fax: (231)937-5138 www. michair.
Com sales @ lmair.
Com Contact: Robert horshorse, Jr. Timothy horshorse
Products: solid wood steam bending type: gray, cherry, hard soft maple, red oak, walnut, Poplar mechanical processing: custom steam bending MID-
Hardware Corporation of America
Saco KSI, Mo 64862 Tel :(417)548-2191 Fax: (417)548-2571 www. mid-
Products: molded, Cabinet parts, edge-
Stair board, Stair pedal, 3/4-in.
Types of solid wood flooring: red and white oak, pecan, Ash processing: mold, finger-
Welding, kiln dry, straight line edge crack, help crack, selective tear, optimized cross cutting, RF bonding, surface and edge grinding, double end trimming, balance, cold press from wood company in central Tennessee glue, flip, end match
Contact number: (Burns, TN 37029)615)446-3461 Fax: (615)446-2048 www.
Medium material.
Com Contact: Bill Joyce, Mike Lewis, Tim Erich products: molded, molded blank midderbury, Tel: (46540 :(574)825-9524 Fax: (574)825-9515 www.
Com Contact: 46506 Tel, Del Miller, Midwest Wood and vibereme :(574)546-3259 Fax: (574)546-3392 www. midwestlumber.
Contact: Mike Roe, David Davis, sauproducts sau products: S4S, cut-to-
Size blank, contour molding, edge
Wood, size parts and component species: Alder, Aspen, bas Wood, ash, hard soft maple, red and white oak, poplar, Birch, cherry, banak, pecan, walnut processing: sanding, unlocking, chopping, tearing, turning, bonding, molded MI-
Forest Wood products
Contact number: (47454) Paoli812)723-3799 Fax: (812)723-
Blueriver 5933 miles.
Products: drawer box of Yanwei, drawer parts, bonded solid board, frame, splint, cutto-
Length and random, type of floor: Frau, beech, fast-growing Yang, red and white oak, hard and softmaple, Wutong, walnut processing: wide belt sanding, molding, boring, dowel UVfinishing, check out our advertising page 35 miller wood designs, OH 44681 Tel :(330)852-0689 Fax: (330)852-0688 www. miller-wooddesign.
Com Contact: Raymond Miller, Mary Esther Miller products: laminated square, stair pedal, edge
Solid wood sheets, specialty types of Oak: all North American hardwood processing: Monticello, KY 42633 Tel in the wood industry of molding, planing, grinding, CNC lathe Monticello :(606)348-8491 Fax: (606)348-
Jkinkade @ alltel 6280.
Net Contact: Jerry Kincaid Morse hardwood & Wood Products
Contact number: Essex Junction (VT 05452)802)878-2061 Fax: (802)878-7215 www. morsehardwoods.
Morse @ mossahadwood
Com Contact: Brad Morse products: Floor, molding, furniture parts and parts, size blanks, steel tearing of stair parts, precision cutting saw, sanding, re-polishing, straight line tearing, stair wiring, optimized bonded MOSLOW wood products Powhatan, VA 23139 Tel :(804)598-5579 Fax: (804)598-4238 www. nmslowwood.
Contact: James Moslow products: Edge-
Special industries: Alder, ash, beech tree, Birch, cherry, pecan, mahogany, custom wood in special industries, hard soft maple, red and white oak, poplar, walnut, medium fiber plate processing: laser engraving, drilling, CNC machining, machining, wiring, CNC wiring, surface and edge grinding, mold Nikel mould company
Tel: (46515) Elkhart574)264-3129 Fax: (574)264-3853 www. Nickel forming.
Com Contact: George Nickell products: frame molding, type of building molding: Poplar, ash, Pine processing: packaging, foil, composite embossing, paint and dyeing nicobare
Qcj3t 1T5 Phone :(819)293-4660 Fax: (819)293-4640 www. nicobois.
Products: chair, chair parts type: oak, maple, soft maple, ash, cherry, pine, birch processing: all CNC, highand low-
Batch order of Beiguo company
Contact number: (KY 40031)502)222-2535 Fax: (502)222-5355 www. northlandcor.
Com Contact: Sara DeVere product: Blank, $2 s, Wood to 16/4 species: alder, ash, bas Wood, beech tree, birch tree, cherry, pecan, Redwood, hard tree and red oak, poplar, walnut processing: surface treatment, straight tearing North Forest Products
Contact number: (MN 55379 Shakopee)952)445-9663 Fax: (952)445-7777 www. nfpi.
Com Contact: Dick Pyle Greg brevig Gary euworth Cliff gabriproducts products: size S4S plate: 1/2 4/4 5/4 8/4 custom-
$ 4S board, molded parts, floor types: red oak, poplar, hard soft maple, birch, cherry, alder, radiant pine mechanical processing: Full coarse grinding, polishing, re-polishing, sewing, moldingB.
PA 15686 Tel :(724)478-1935 Fax: (724)478-1826 www. obmillin.
Com Contact: Daniel Obriot products: cabinet door, Cabinet parts, drawer front, drawer side, drawer box, stiles & rails, blank, edge
Plywood, miUwork, molded, round, square, stair section, pedals, handrails, table top and base, wood type: Ash, bas Wood, Birch, cherry, pecan hard soft maple, red and white oak, white pine, Poplar, any other processing: Assembly, surface polishing, styling phone for KY 42754 Leitchfield s/STYLINE Leitchfield :(812)683-7500 Fax: (812)683-7511 www. styline.
Com Contact: Eric McMichael products: Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, bendings, seats and parts, S2 S, S4S, E4E, edge-
Plywood, wood products, molding, plywood parts, round, square, stair parts, pedals, riser, armrest, cushion frame material type hard soft maple, Poplar, walnut processing: Assembly, drilling, CNC drilling, CNC machining, finger welding, cutting, wiring, CNC wiring, molding, steam bending
Dongbailifei, PA 17316 Tel :(717)259-9551 Fax: (717)259-7560 www. products.
Com Contact: Kraig Coxon, Steve Kratch products: Pre-molded, unfinished molded, stair pedal and riser, wood type: all domestic and foreign products-
Machining in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America: molding, equalization, end matching, finishing precitech international inc. Sainte-
Rose Watford, qc rwr 4G1 Tel :(418)267-4155 Fax: (418)-267-5200 www. recitech-int.
Com Contact: Charles Audet Olivier Vermette products: Musical instrument accessories, cutto-
Size of 22mm finger joint sports floor
Kind: hard maple forest. P. WAKEFIELD CO. INC.
Tel: Waterloo (46793)260)837-8841 Fax: (260)837-7548 www. rpwakefield.
Com Contact: Mike Garber products: Cabinet parts, front and side of drawer, drawer box, stiles & rails, blank, edge
Plywood, butcher block, molded, fireplace/surround, wall panel, wall panel, plywood parts, plywood parts, veneer parts, stair parts, riser, handrails, Manuel post, types of cushion frame materials: Ash, mountain hair tree, Birch, cherry, pecan, mahogany, hard soft maple, red and white oak, pecan, Poplar, walnut processing: Assembly, CNC drilling, CNC machining, fast wood for CNC wiring
Phone number :(514)694-4950 Fax: (514)-694-0016 www. rapidlumber.
Product: stair pedal (ca)Classic and ecological)
, Newel pillar blank, turnednewel pillar, windowsill, saddle type: North red oak, hard maple, cherry processing: trimming at both ends, shaping, surface treatment, sandingF. SPECTOR, INC.
Fort Harris PA 17110 Tel :(717)236-0805 Fax: (717)236-
Paonline 1215 sfs.
Com Contact: Steve Spector products: office furniture, exterior building wood products, pre-suspended solid entrance door, curved molding, wood products Category: cherry, African mahogany, Spanish cedar, white Oak processing $4 to $6.
X 18, $2, up to $10. x 10 in.
, Molded to 5 in. x 9 in.
Salem frame co. CNC machining centerINC.
Contact number: (Salem, VA 24153)540)389-8661 Fax: (540)387-0755 www. rowefurniture.
Contact: Eric Collins products: Dimension, edge-
Product Category: Soft Maple, Poplar, other mixed hard wood processing: pruning, drilling, positioning, sanding, profiling, custom drying sford-LUSSIER INC.
Tel: (Huntington Park, CA 90255)323)585-2811 Fax: (323)585-1971 www. Sandfordlussier.
Net Contact: A1 Bradley products: hard wood molding, flooring, stair product type: Red White Oak, hard maple, pecan, jatoba, Ader, Birch, walnut, black Ripsaw, planing, molding, bonding, finger welding, cutting line, recycled sakinte wood products
Gardner, Ma 01440 Tel :(978)632-9333 Fax: (978)632-4380 www. Argentine products.
Com Contact: David Sargent products: store display, furniture components, outdoor furniture, frame type: maple, birch, poplar, oak, cherry, plywood, melaminemaching Contact number: (05361 Contact number: (802)368-2357 Fax: (802)368-7446 www. sawyerbentwood.
Com Contact: George Campo products: solid wood steam joint, Pin, curved spindle, solid wood edge belt type: ash, birch, cherry, maple, oak, walnut processing bending schafer woodworks inc.
Contact number: (Tecumseh, MI 49286)517)423-4661 Fax: (517)423-
Schaferhard wood floor 5335 Scotland.
Com Contact: Scott Schafer products: molded parts, rubber plates, flooring types: Red white oak, pecan, cherry, hard maple, walnut processing: Gang tearing, molded, precisionto-
Sears Tower Timber Co. , Ltd. Ft.
CO 80524 Collins Tel :(970)482-0222 Fax: (970)484-8520 www. sears-trostel.
Com Contact: Steve Schwartz products: custom solid wood molds, S4S cabinet components, special-shaped cabinet components: Alder, red and white oak, cherry, hard and soft maple, pecan, walnut, Poplar processing: mold, tear and cutto-
Length sechoirs ste-MONIQUE Ste-
QC monw 2T0 Phone :(418)347-1111 Fax: (418)347-1114 www. sctlt.
Contact Information: Francois Goulet products: rough cloth, blank floor, edge
Drawer board, stair pedal, side of Drawer, cutto-
Specifications and models: Birch simon lussier ltee Blainville, QC J7C 3V5 Contact number :(450)435-6591 Fax: (450)435-
2531 mlussier @ simonlussier.
Com Contact: Mario Lussier products: Blank, S2 S, Wood to 12/4 species: aspen, birch, cherry, hard maple Southeast wood products
Contact number: (VA 24112)276)632-9025 Fax: (276)632-
9028 tommysnipes @ aol.
Com contacts: Tommy Snipes products: front and side of the drawer, stiles and rails, casketpart, chair parts, edges-
Stock variety of sticky panels, round, square, stair parts, spindle and riser, Neel Post, table base, turn, decorative frame: ash, mountain wool ball, cherry, gum, red oak, white pine, yellow pine, Poplar, Tupelo, walnut, rubber-
Wood Processing: Assembly, drilling see us.
Advertising page 27 Charny, QC 6x1L5, SOVEBEC/petit saguenay sawmill :(418)832-6181 Fax: (418)832-1456 www. sovebec.
Contact: Richard Begin product: Cut-to-
Furniture, doors and windows, finger parts and molded size parts, edges-
Wood Species: aspen, birch, red and white oak, Oriental White Pine and Korean pine, hard soft maple, ash, cherry processing: complete sawmill, kiln dry, shaved, defected Spartan wood products, TN 38583 Tel :(931)738-1896 Fax: (931)738-2230 www. Spartan wood.
Com Contact: Jay Dee Hanna products: furniture parts for chairs, tables;
Product Category: Ash, mountain wool ball, cherry, hard soft maple, red and white oak, sycamore tree, walnut processing: Assembly, boring, finishing, mormor, molding, wiring, sanding, molding, unlocking, turning, CNC machining see our ad page 37 ST
Contact number: (Zip code: 54853) luck with hardwood floors in Croy Valley715)472-2131 Fax: (715)472-2108 www. scvh.
Contact: Jim Giller product: Edge-
Adhesive panel, joint drawer parts, drawer front, stiles, rails, face frames, molded, floor North White Pine, Huang Yang machining: tear, surface treatment, bonding, molding, drilling, end-to-end, polished, see our advertising page 17 state industrial company
Tel: (97401 Mocksville, NC 27028)541)688-7871 Fax: (541)689-8051 www. statesind.
Com Contact: Bill Powell products: components produced by veneer panel products, including side and components of prefabricated drawers, shelves, carcass components, panel doors and top species: all domestic and most imported veneer Thompson MAPLE Products Co. , Ltd. All panel processing, edge sealing, pin insertion and finishing
Contact number: (PA Corry) 16407814)664-7717 Fax: (814)664-7746 www. tmpusa.
Product Name: Chuck Henness, Dolly Sperry, Chuck Thompson7/8 in. to 3 in. )
Large flipped blanks (2-3/4in. to -4in. diameter)
, Tool handle blank, musical instrument part, baseball bat blank, cabinet part, chair part, stair part, floor, custom professional blank type: hard soft maple, white ash, American mountain wool ball mechanical processing: Pin, mold, S4S, E4E, nail grinding.
Contact number: (MOSEK cabinet makers, ME) 04211207)753-9834 Fax: (207)784-6973 www. thosmoser.
Com Contact: Tim McIntyre products: type of solid size: Black Cherry, American black walnut, bard Maple processing: crosscutting, tearing wood wolf forest products Hudson, NC 28638828)728-7500 Fax: (828)728-7554 www.
Com Contact: Rita Roper products: chair parts, blanks, S2 S, S4S, E4E, pins, edges-
Plywood, curved plywood, square, Nuel Post, table base, turn type: Alder, ash, beech, birch, cherry, cherry, mahogany, hard soft maple, mechanical processing of red and white oak white pine, Poplar, walnut, rubber wood: Drilling, engraving, mor grinding, wiring, face and edgesanding valendrawers inc.
NC 27293 Lexington phone :(336)956-2118 Fax: (336)956-6315 www. valendrawers.
Com Contact: Lisa Chrisley products: blank in drawers, drawer parts, foil and veneer, DLV door, solid wood parts, component type: drawer: Mountain hair tree, Birch
Doors: A wide variety of foil and veneers see our ads on the inside front cover of wagnek millwork inc.
Tel: (Zip code: 13827)607)687-5362 Fax: (607)687-
2633 @ wagnerlumber hiding.
Com Contact: Steve Schaeffer products: Kiln dry wood selected in width: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, blank type: hard soft maple, red and white oak, ash, bas Wood, Fort Mills, Ohio, OH 44654 Tel :(330)893-3244 Fax: (330)893-
Wcp @ valkyrie 2468
Net Contact: Charles Kratzer products: chair seats and parts, S2 S, S4S, E4E blanks, finger stitch products, butcher block panels, round, square, stairs, riser, armrest newel post type: ash, mountain wool ball, hard soft maple, red and white oak, poplar processing: finger pick, unlock, molding, see our ad page 38 walter dimension co.
Jamestown, TN 38556 Tel :(260)563-2181 Fax: (260)563-6301 www. walterofwabash.
Com Contact: Tim White products: Table and drawer slides, front and side of drawer, S2 S, S4S, E4E blank, edge-
Wood type: shanmao tree, mechanical processing of poplar trees: Assembly, drilling, fingerprint welding, wiring, surface polishing, open-eye walzcraft industries La Crosse, WI 54502 Tel :(608)781-6355 Fax: (608)784-3425 www. walzcraft.
Com Contact: customer support team products: custom cabinet door, drawer front, tuxedo drawer, Cabinet parts, wood products category: red White Oak, quarter saw red white oak, red white oak, maple, cherry, Birch, Red Birch, pecan, pine, walnut, ash, alder, mountain tree, walnut, Elm, Citi Pine, poplar, afrormosia, Lyptus, Redwood, see our advertising page monthly Hui good hardwood shabili and industrial products LAN, or 97223 Tel :(253)924-3223 Fax: (253)924-4819 www. weyerhaeuser.
Com Contact: Jose padiilla products: cabinet doors and parts, chair parts, blanks, floors, wood, molding, plywood and veneer parts, stair parts, Table parts, instrument parts, cushion frame materials: alder Tree, ash, bas Wood, shanmao tree, birch tree, cherry, pecan, hard tree and soft tree, red and white oak, white pine, yellow pine, Poplar, walnut, medium fiber plate processing: CNC drilling, CNC machining, CNC wiring White County modeling Cleveland, GA 30528 Tel :(706)865-3166 Fax: (706)219-2835 www. hardwoodweb.
Com Contact: Hal Mitchell products: s4S, building molded, blank and molded for finger bonding, handrails, size Library, wood flooring, paneling, red maple for blinds, cherry, ash, walnut, mountain tree, alder tree, mechanical processing of Brazilian cherry, Spanish cedar, Xipo, cypress and Hickory: planing, gang tearing, straight line tearing, treason, finger bonding, face and edge bonding, molding, end matching Wolf River Wood
Contact number: (WI 54961) New London920)982-2542 Fax: (920)982-4591 www. Wolfriverlumber.
Contact: Kari Bunting products: Cut-to-
Size blank, Wood to 16/4, linear molded species: alder, ash, Aspen, bas Wood, beech tree, Birch, cherry, Cotton Wood, pecan, hard tree and soft tree view our advertising 21 pages Wood professional company. INC.
Philadelphia, PA 19129 Tel :(215)483-5100 Fax: (215)483-2282 www. woodspecialty.
Contact: Steve Slaski products: solid wood edge
Glued wood, cherry, Red Oak, yellow Yang, hard soft maple, other processing as required: bonding, planing-
Finished, precision end trimming, re-sanding, tearing to width CNC molding woodworking industrySt.
Cloud, MN 56304 Tel :(320)252-1503 Fax: (320)252-1504 www. woodcraftind.
Com Contact: Steve Leabch product: wood components, cabinet doors, veneer raised boards, rigid hot foil doors, veneer wound molding, cabinet molding Cherry, pecan, hard soft maple, alder tree, eucalyptus machining: molding, kaiseki, wiring, drilling, sanding, view our ads at the back cover Wooden Boat Company
Contact number: (TN 37816)423)581-5413 Fax: (423)581-
2857 woodcraft @ bellsouth.
Products: laminated square, edge-
Type: gray, cherry, hard soft maple, Poplar, red and white oak, white pine, African mahogany processing: molding, unlocking, 55734 Tel :(812)471-1594 Fax: (312)624-7921 www. woodlinemfg.
Com smithesmith @ aol.
Products: cabinet door, Cabinet parts, face frame, edge-
Drawer front plastic plate, mold-to-
Pattern molding, wood products, bed frame, molded blank types: hard soft maple, red oak, character pecan, cherry, birch, alder processing: molding, bonding, CNC wiring, yoder lumber co. sanding, unlocking, mor grinding, end trimming, pocket screw assemblyINC.
OH 44654 Fort Mills Tel :(330)893-3121 Fax: (330)893-3031 www. yoderlumber.
Com Contact: Paul Tao products: mold blank, edge
Mechanical processing and semi-mechanical processing railings, Square
Categories: red oak, poplar, mountain tree, Cherry machining: sanding, molding, wiring, CNC wiring, bonding, surfacing see our advertising page 14 young manufacturing co.
KY 42320 Telephone :(270)274-3306 Fax: (270)274-9522 www.
Young Manufacturing Industry
Com Contact: Sarah Hamlin products: stair pedal, riser and related parts, exterior wood and cladding frame, exterior door beam type: red and white oak, poplar, hard maple furniture manufacturerCO.
Contact number: (37891)423)235-6548 Fax: (423)235-4671 www. youngs-furniture.
Com Contact: Derry Young products: interior decoration, cable assembly, furniture assembly, building product assembly, laminated square, finished exposed parts on the edge
Wood type: yellow Yang, red and white oak, white pine, hard and soft maple, white ash, rubber wood, tupelo mechanical processing: molded, CNC wiring, shaping, unlocking, drilling, engraving, sanding, laminating, gluing, flipping, finishing/dyeing three horse core orange, VA 22960 Tel :(540)672-5200 Fax: (540)672-9200 www. zamma.
Com Contact: Bob Holme products: profile wrap furniture parts, veneer, rigid hot foil, furniture foil type: Various machining: molding and profile wrap, cuttingto-
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