WCMA technology partners: connecting manufacturers of woodworking machinery and supplies to member companies.

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Association of wood parts manufacturers (WCMA)
There is a \"technology partnership\" program that connects manufacturers of woodworking machinery, equipment, supplies, software and commercial solutions to WCMA member companies that use these products and services.
Our technology partners have the opportunity to showcase the latest technologies, products and services of the WCMA.
At the heart of the technology partner program is our timber Technology Expo, which is held annually with WCMAFall meetings and factory visits.
To learn more about becoming a WCMA technology partner, please contact the WCMA office at 770-565-6660 or e-
Email from Wcma @ woodcomponents. org.
The list of all technical partners is on woodcomponents, WCMA\'s website. org--
Just click on the technology partner.
Alexander Doz companyTel: 616-784-6000 dodds.
Products: Alexander Dodds produces drawer machinery, tuxedo tubes, drawer fixtures, drill holes and pins.
Accurate docking and assembly without tearing and sanding.
Molding and boring pocket punching and hole machineryeez clips.
Arminius toolsTel: 320-294-
5900 arminiustarling.
Com products: Arminius Tooling customers have achieved excellent surface quality on natural wood, veneer and medium fiber board.
It is the innovator of inprofile polishing. Black Bros. Co. Tel: 815-539-7451 blackbros.
Com product: black brother
Best quality coating, bonding and laminating equipment for global manufacturers.
Whether you\'re interested in a stand-alone or a complete system, BlackBros.
Experience in meeting your exact needs.
Carolina featured tools Tel: 828-397-
2467 Carolina.
Com products: professional tools in Carolina
Technical tools in the woodworking industry. Carbide-
Tilt, insert tools and diamond tools for industrial CNC machinery.
Costa & Grissom Machinery Co. , Ltd. Tel: 336-434-
6644 costagrissom.
Com products: Costa & Grissom is a leading provider of wood and solid surface polishing, polishing and automation equipment.
It offers innovative and cost-effective solutions, products, services and training.
[Scanning solution words]
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Eagle machinery supply with WoodEye, hasdeveloped scanning system to handle two materials on speciessimultaneously. . . in-time basis.
The system enables component manufacturers to consistently match materials and information flows using process control software and custom material processing. (877)744-9447; www. eaglemachines.
Com CIRCLE 150 Eagle machinery Supply Co. , Ltd. Tel: 330-852-
1300 Eagles.
Company product: Eagle Machinery is a company specializing in providing rough grinding solutions and optimizing system integration.
Eagle offers custom designed mechanical systems, material handling, visual scanning, machine control and transformation packs, no-template rip saw feeder, Talon optimized cut-off saw, blower fan, hydraulic power unit plus a large number inventory of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components.
Check out our advertising page 10 Fletcher Machine Co. Inc. Tel: 800-438-1054 fletcher-machine.
Com product: Fletcher Machine is the only production
Madeedgebander and products range from heat transfer foil machines to electronic trimmer, soft scissors, single, double
Sidestenoners, shapers, Sanders, flat wire laminating machines and E-
Door lift glass door machine.
CNC control is provided for all machines.
Custom Machine.
Contact number: 800-Franklin adhesive and polymer877-
4583 Frankfurt glue and polymer.
Com products: Franklin adhesives and polymers is a division of Franklin International, manufacturing adhesives for wooden furniture, wood products and engineering at home and abroad
Laminate market.
Our products provide superior performance in wood assembly, solid edges and surfaces, laminate of engineering products and finger welding. Friulmac Inc. Tel: 828-327-
6265 Frick lumakusa.
Com products: Friulmac offers single-ended and double-ended tenoners with an endless combination of workstations, random length-end pickers.
They also provide
On-site technical support and spare parts package.
Froedge machine and supply Phone: 270-487-5891 froedge.
Com products: industrial solutions focused on Labor
Save equipment and increase production.
It achieves this by using high-tech and material handling concepts. Hasko Inc. Tel: 423-648-
Harkoma 5200
Products: HASCO
Manufacturer of optimized steel saw and system;
S4S & S2 s side matching and planing center;
Final material of solid and laminated materials;
Linear feed table;
Sorting, grading and nesting systems; crayon-
Marking and optimization of cut-off saw;
Custom Machine Design;
Repair, service and trouble shooting.
Jenkins Systems Tel: 920-452-2110 jenkins-systems.
Com products: high quality, easy to produce by Jenkinsto-
Kitchen, furniture, ready-to-
Design according to your specifications to ensure accuracy and measurable repetitive assembly, adjustment of size and special machinery.
CNC word machine, CNC word machine, knife mold, robot, special application machinery, etc.
Leitz tool system Phone: 800-253-6070 leitz.
Org leitztooling.
Com products: Leitz has 14 domestic sales/service centers and is a leading supplier of Mereen complete tool solutions, technical support and tool services in the woodworking industry
Johnson machinesTel: 612-529-7791 mereen-johnson.
Communication Products: Mereen-
Johnson has been setting standards for the woodworking industry since 1905 and has produced a complete set of fixed knife bars and movable blade tear saw, single-ended and double-ended saw (1-8 stations)
, Panel size adjustment equipment, compactor, engineering material processing equipment and complete rough grinding optimization/material handling system.
View our advertising page 13 Microtec Industries North AmericaTel: 250-804-
1890 microtecindustries.
Com products: Microtec North America is a solution provider that provides scanning, optimization, control and wood handling equipment for used wood products, engineered wood and sawmill industries.
Millka grinding companyTel: 330-472-7305 mirka.
Com products: Mirka is a leading manufacturer of innovative finished products and solutions used throughout the woodworking industry.
Beike Industrial Machinery Co. , Ltd. Tel: 502-719-
0015 North machinery.
Com products: full dual product line from Northtech
Surfaceplaners 24 \"to 63\", Sanders at the bottom and at the top and Sanders at the shaved bed, Shenko moulders 8 \"-
20 \", straight-line tearing and steel mesh tearing, removable Abber steel mesh tearing, hoist, random-length end-horse chers and custom boring machines. C. R. Onsrud Inc. Tel: 704-508-7000 cronsrud. Product: C. R.
Onsrud offers a comprehensive range of high-end products
33 standard models including 3, 4 and 5 Precision Products
Shaft CNC router, four models of reverse pin router, complete series of tools and accessories.
[Multiple Rip]
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Johnson model 524-
0C/SR can be equipped with up to four completely independent shifting saw blades for production flexibility, increased utilization of raw materials and reduced equipment-up times.
It can be integrated with automatic feed system such as Rip navigator optimization system.
Visit booth #9625 at AWFS. (612)529-7791; www. mereenjohnson.
Com CIRCLE 151 progressive solution Tel: 604-214-
Progress 8750-solutions.
Com products: progressive solutions provide sales, inventory and accounting software for wood component manufacturers and suppliers.
The leader of the timber runway industry 【TM]and bisTrack[TM]
Improve competitive power and profitability.
Us scm Group Tel: 770-813-8818 scmgroup-usa.
Com products: SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of various solid wood, broadband sanding and panel processing machines from entrance level to state-of-the-art, most complex integrated production lines and systems.
Stiles Machinery Co. , Ltd. Tel: 616-698-
7500 stilesrnachinery.
Com products: solid wood technology features Kentwood moulers and rip Saw, Wadkin grinder and SystemTM optimization system, this is only a comprehensive product provided for solid wood parts processing through Stiles
View our ad pages optimization software [14, 15, 16, 17 [
Slightly] Illustrations
Stiles Machinery\'s ProLink software provides Kentwood moordersoffers memory for 10,000 programs and implements interactive production modules, especially building orders and supporting real-time
Time Tracking: order number, profile name/number, quantity, footage and start and stop time, and the operator responsible for each run.
ProLink can also act as a machine fault diagnosis system that displays the location of the machine fault and provides a description. (616)698-7500; www.
Taylor Group Phone: 84-5 com CIRCLE152452-
3780 jamesltaylor.
Com product: James L. Taylor Mfg. Co.
There are three departments: Taylor products
Gluing and laminating machinery;
Cameron automation function optimization system for rough Mill
JLT fixture supplier-
Glue and door clamping machine. Timesavers Inc. Tel: 800-537-
An average of 3611 times.
Com products: Timesavers provides broadband grinding processing machines for surface treatment of wood, metal, plastic and other materials.
It produces a grinder, a combined planing knife/grinder, a straight-through track/grinder, a coarse wood grinder, a formed grinder, and a custom grinder.
Wiig Tel: 704-799-0100 weinigusa.
Com products: a single source of solid wood processing machinery, scanning and integrated software to maximize your profitability. WEINIG--
We are thinking!
Woodye North AmericaTel: 770-995-Woodeyeinc. 6765
Com products: WoodEye has been the world leader in the development of visual scanners in the woodworking industry since 1981.
Our scanner works with any brand of cross cutting saw, planing knife or sorting line.
WCMA supporting organization of woodworking machinery industry association Tel: 410-628-1970 wmia.
WMIA is an industry association, service and information resource that provides technology for the North American woodworking industry, enabling it to compete successfully in the global market, at the same time, promote partnerships and cooperation among members in all business areas.
The technology expo represents woodworking machinery, equipment, and at the timber Technology Expo, software and commercial solutions research the latest technological developments to provide solutions to wood processing challenges for size and component manufacturers.
There is one attendee-on-
An opportunity to discuss issues and solutions for their specific company.
The timber technology expo is a combination of FallConference and factory visits.
For information, visit two components. org.
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