wcma technology partners: connecting manufacturers of woodworking machinery and supplies to wcma member companies.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-02
The timber components manufacturers association has a \"technical partnership\" program to align manufacturers of wood processing machinery, equipment, tools, supplies, software and commercial solutions with WCMA using these products and services
Our technology partners have the opportunity to present and educate wcmamember on their latest technologies, products and services.
The highlight of the technology partner program is our WoodTechnology Expo, which is held annually with WCMAFall meetings and factory visits.
If you would like to know more about becoming a WCMA technology partner, please contact the WCMA office at 770-565-6660 or e-
Mail US atwcma @ woodcomponents. org.
The WCMA\'s website, atwww, contains a description of all current technical partners. woodcomponents. org--
Just click on the technology partner.
AWMV Industrial Products Tel: 317-808-0835 www. awmv.
Com products: AWMV industrial products are the commercial department of woodMizer.
Product lines include forming machines, contour grinding machines, resaws, edger and thin-kerf sawmills.
Active machines and toolsInc. Tel: 616-662-9730 www. activemachine.
Product Name: Active Machine & Tool Co. Inc.
Manufacturing, distribution and service of whole carbide, carbide-
Diamonds and diamonds. S. S. tooling.
AetnaGroup, United States of America Tel: 770-622-6629 www. aetnagroupusa.
S. AetnaGroup produces semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines: portable stretch wrapping paper, turntable, horizontal ring, rotary arm and high speed spiral wrapping paper and shrink packaging machine.
Wood dryer USATel: 503-655-1955 www. drykilns.
Com products: AWD kiln is known for its quality, efficiency and maintenancefree operation.
The company offers packaging and track kilns for hardwood and Cork applications, as well as ways to improve efficiency.
Arminius toolsTel: 320-294-5900 www. Arminiustroring.
Com products: Arminius Tooling customers have achieved excellent surface quality on natural wood, veneer and medium fiber board.
They are innovators in profile polishing.
Baker product consulting: 573-663-7711 www. baker-online.
Com products: available by Bakerand double-
Double sided plane, 4-
6-double sided planing machine/die cutting machinespindle 4-
Thin side molding machine
Band sawmill, cut-to-
Length equipment, conveyor, etc.
View our advertising page 27 Barr-Mullin Inc. Tel: 919-833-3334 www. barrmullin.
Communication Products: BarMullin Inc.
Manufacture of computer woodworking machinery specializing in wood grading, automatic scanning system and optimized cuttingoff saws/gang-rip saws.
Carolina professional toolsTel: 828-397-2467 www. carolinatools.
Com products: professional tools in Carolina
Technical tools in the woodworking industry. Carbide-
Tilt, insert tools and diamond tools for industrial CNC machinery.
Carter productsInc. Tel: 616-647-3380 www. carterproducts.
Com product: Carter product is a production 2-
D. computer laser production systems, line lasers, inspection lights, broadband installation/diagnostic equipment, band saw rails and other machine accessories.
Colonial saw CompanyTel: 781-585-4364 www. csaw.
Com products: the Colonial saw provides grinding machinery for panel saw, sharpening saw, router, cutter and PCB tools.
The company offers complete solutions including machinery, supply, installation, training and support.
Computer AssociationTel: 800-422-4782 www. caisoft.
Company products: computer industry
Automation and optimization of sales, production, inventory control, scheduling, POS/e-specific ponderosoftware-
Business and Business Intelligence.
Costa & Grissom Machinery Co. , Ltd. Tel: 336-434-6644 www. costagrissom.
Com products: Costa & Grissom is a supplier of belts, brushes, rails and wet polished Sander for the wood, metal and solid surface industries in North America.
Dantherm filter Phone: 336-821-0800, 800-533-5286 www.
Com products: Dantherm Filtration offers air Filtration and dust collection solutions.
Dantherm specializes in turnkey systems, including system design, manufacturing and installation from 750 CFM to 200 CFM.
Del Mike Machinery Group Tel: 336-854-1211 www. delmac.
Com products: DMG offers CNC machining center, CNC router, edge band edge, housing fixture, curlers, combined machine tool, material handling, panel saw, straight/contour edge band edge
Alexander Doz companyTel: 616-784-6000 www. dodds.
Products: Alexander Doz
Production of drawer machinery, tail tube, tail glue, drawer fixture, insert pin and drilling machine for renovation and boring pocketeez clips.
View our advertising page 32 Eagle machinery supplyTel: 330-897-3013 www. eaglemachines.
Com products: Eagle Machinery & Supply specializes in the overall processing solutions for size mill Machinery, custom material handling, no template cutting saw feeder, Talon optimized cut-off saw, hydraulic and mechanical components
Check out our advertising page 27 Fletcher Machine Co. Inc. Tel: 336-249-6101 www. fletcher-machine.
Com products: Fletcher Machine produces echabond Machine, heat transfer foil Machine, electronic trim Machine, soft mold Machine, curling Machine, forming Machine, Sanders, flat plate Machine and E-
Door lift panel door machine. Friulmac Inc. Tel: 828-327-6265 www. friulmacusa.
Com products: single-for Friulmac-and double-
Terminal antenna, a random length terminal horse chers with an endless combination of workstations.
It also provides
On-site technical support and spare parts package.
Contact number: 800-Franklin adhesive877-4583 www.
Frankfurt International.
Com products: Franklin adhesive has been an industry leader in bonding wood and wood products for more than 70 years.
[Company Market]R], Multibond[R], Advantage[R]Wood bonds [R]products.
Froedge machines & SupplyTel: 270-487-5891 www. froedge.
Com products: industrial solutions focused on Labor
Save equipment and increase production.
It achieves this by using high-tech and material handling concepts.
Great Lakes custom tool Mfg. Inc. Tel: 800-873-4528 www. glct.
Com products: custom tools for Great Lakes.
Great manufacturing industryLoc[R]
Carbide blade systemLoc[R]
SG universal tool system;
Brazing Diamond]PCD]
Solid carbide, Helicarb [j [R]and sawblades. Hasko Inc. Tel: 423-648-5200 www. haskomachines.
Products: HASCO
Optimized saw & system, side fit, planning center, final horse chers, line feed, sorting, grading & nesting system, crayons-
Marking and optimizing cut-off saw. Holz-Her U. S. Inc. Tel: 704-587-3400 www. holzher.
Products: Holz-
Her products include vertical face panel saw for cutting, sliding table saw and water flat beam saw, edge band saw, and a wide range of broadband Sanders and CNC machining centers.
Jenkins Systems Tel: 920-452-2110 www. jenkins-systems.
Products: Jenkins systemsquality,simple-to-
Operate cabinets, wood products, furniture, RTA, size and professional machinery, curlers, CNC oblique pick-up machines, CNC shaping machines and tool replacement machines.
Como machinesTel: 320-252-0580, 800-643-5089 www. komo.
Com product: high design and manufacture of Komo machine
Speed accuracy CNCrooters integrated with CIM-
High-tech premiere router
Machine programming software for CIM automation suite for a complete CNC solution.
US Leadermac Tel: 866-522-6835 www. leadermacusa.
Com products: Leadermac produces high quality molds including small 1-head to 10-
Head mold, up to 1,200 fpm.
Leitz tool system Phone: 800-253-6070 www. leitz.
Org products: Leitz has 14 domestic sales/service centers providing complete tool solutions, technical support and tool services for the woodworking industry at 704-528-7313 www. luxscan.
Com products: LuxScan designs and sells visual systems for automatic quality control and products for real time
Time scanning and quality checking in Cross, forming, sorting and rip saw applications. Mereen-
Johnson machinesTel: 612-529-7791 www. mereen-johnson.
Communication Products: Mereen-
Johnson & Johnson produces fixed blade and movable blade, singleand double-
End machine, panel size measuring equipment, fit machine and complete rough grinding material handling system.
View our advertising page 31 Mikron Woodworking Tel: 800-496-4589 www. Mikron machinery
Com products: more than M645 designed by Mikron
Morder and M652RMulti-
The Moulder of the router system takes into account the rapid conversion between applications.
Millka grinding companyTel: 800-843-3904 www. mirka-usa.
Com products: Mirka Abrasives is an international recognized leader in the development and manufacture of coatings, non-coatings
Weaving and special grinding products for surface treatment.
Grashu nap Phone: 812-462-
2000, products: hard alloy for nap GLADU
Blade, insert, diamond tool, hard alloy
Knife head, pen head, knife head, blade and accessories.
National Cheese CompanyTel: 773-846-7300 www. nationalcasein.
Com products: National Casein was established in 1921 to provide a wide range of liquid and powder adhesives for the wood products industry, all available from five factories and five warehouse facilities.
Newman machinesInc. Tel: 336-273-8261 www. newmanwhitney.
Product Name: Newman Machine Co. , Ltd.
It is the manufacturer and designer of double rough milling machine, double surface and single surface planing machine, Steel saw, press, trimmer and tool grinder.
Beike industrial machinery Tel: 502-719-0015 www.
North machinery.
Products: Industrial double supply of North Technology
Vertical and horizontal band saw machine, fixed and movable Rod Steel saw
Saw, finger-pick system, die press, belt and Sanders of the planing machine. C. R. Onsrud Inc. Tel: 704-508-7000 www. cronsrud. Product: C. R. Onsrud Inc.
Provide a comprehensive high
Precision processed products including Standard Model 3-, 4-,and 5-
Shaft CNC router, reverse needle router, tools and accessories.
Paul Saws & Systems, Koch Machinery Division Tel: 678-444-5000 www. paulsaws.
Com product: Paul Saws & Systems provides equipment for coarse grinding optimization.
The equipment includes optimized Screw saw feed port, spiral saw with moving blade and optimized cross saw.
View our advertising page 33 Progressive Solutions Inc. Tel: 604-214-8750 www. progressive-solutions.
Com products: progressive solutions provide sales, inventory and accounting software for wood component manufacturers and suppliers. Ritter Mfg. Inc. Tel: 925-757-7296 www. rittermfg.
Com product: Ritter Mfg.
Production of woodworking machinery for the industry, wood products and furniture industries, from manual operation of the machine to complete 5-
CNC machining center.
Us scm Group Tel: 770-813-8818 www. scmgroup-usa.
Com products: SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of solid wood, broadband Sander and panel processing machines from entrance to state-of-the-art.
II dry kiln Tel: 336-357-7146 www. siidrykilns.
Com products: II dry kiln manufacturer: all aluminum and aluminum/stainless steel, prefabricated or masonry dry kiln, pre-dryer, pallet handling system, fan shed and steam engine. Schmalz Inc. Tel: 919-713-0880 www. vacuworld.
Com/us products: Schmalz is a supplier of vacuum components, ergonomic vacuum handling systems, and vacuum clamping systems.
Solid wood systemsTel: 336-884-0700 www.
Solidwoood systems.
Com products: SWS offers Balestrini, Comec and MZ a range of standard and CNC machines and systems for the chair, crib, furniture, cabinets, paper, plastic and solid wood components industry
Stiles Machinery Co. , Ltd. Tel: 616-698-7500 www. Mechanical equipment.
Com products: solid wood technology is a department of Stiles Machinery with a comprehensive range of products that meet the needs of the solid wood industry: Die Press, cleaning saw, grinding machine and optimization system.
Stiles also specializes in ultra-thin saw companies for various panel processing machineryTel: 802-244-8101,800-541-7297 www. superthinsaws.
Com products: production and service of ultra-thin saw
Precision thin-cut circular saw blades for rough grinding, flooring and wood products plants, as well as the supply of accessory tools.
Tele Group Tel: 845-452-3780 www. jamesltaylor.
Com products: edge produced by Taylor-
Gluing and laminating machinery;
Cameron Automation provides an optimization system for rough grinding;
AndJLT clip supply edge
Glue and close the door.
View our advertising page 9 TigerStop LLC Tel: 360-254-0661 www. tigerstop.
TigerStop produces automatic stop/gauge and push rod systems.
TigerStop can be modified on existing equipment and positioning materials to save time and materials and reduce lost work. Vortex Tool Co. Inc. Tel: 800-355-7708 www. vortextool.
Com products: Eddy current manufacturing and service tool including brazing carbide blade, polycrystal diamond blade
Tilting tools and solids
CNC router for Carbiderouter milling cutter.
Wilma American companyTel: 803-802-7170 www. weimaamerica.
Com products: for more than 20 years, Weima has been providing customized size reduction solutions for the wood industry. Hopper-
Fed and horizontalshred machines meet all applications.
Contact number of Wiig group: 704-799-0100 www. weinigusa.
Communication Products: Weinig group: Weinig, GreCon, Dimter, Wacker andRaimann.
A source of solid wood processing machines.
Weinig group produces equipment to make the company more profitable.
Western Pneumatic companyTel: 541-461-2600 www. westernp.
Com products: Western Pneumatic company is in the leading position in fingerprint technology and custom production full automation system
Low production machine
Production Reclaimer.
Woodye North AmericaTel: 770-995-6765 www. woodeyeinc.
Com products: WoodEye has been a leader in the development of visual scanners in the woodworking industry since 1981.
Its scanner can work with any brand of cross saw, planing knife or sorting line.
View our advertising page 33 stackers designed to handle different sizes of packaging, Eagle machinery and supply stackers to produce uniform rows and consistent stackersended/ even-sided bunks.
The unique design of the stacker accommodates the height of the bunk bed on the floor-
Level jobs. 330-897-3013; www. eagle machines. Com circle 254 【:
Slightly] Illustrations
The Optimizer Cameron Automation says its fast Rip optimization machine can be connected to a Ripsaw with a fixed tree planting rod or a movable tree planting Rod combination.
The QuickRip Optimizer has automatic tilt, no template and removable bladecomble with optional removable laser. 800-952-1320; www.
Cameronautomation. Com circle 255 【:
Slightly] IllustrationsRIPSAW Mereen-
Johnson model 312-DC/SR2 Select-A-Rip straight-
Linemultiple ripsaw combines the company\'s CamLock fixed blade positioning system with two mobile saw blades for quick replacement and increased production flexibility. 888-465-7297; www. mereen-johnson. Com circle 256 【:
Slightly] Illustrations
WoodEye said the new version of the scanner-
It is reported that the world\'s fastest scanner-
The ability to scan the wood at a speed of 700 fpm allows the sawmill to produce more wood while maintaining a consistent quality level.
The company said it plans to install a scanner that can handle up to 3,600 fpm. 404-520-0239; www. woodeyeinc. Com circle 257 【:
Slightly] Illustrations
Baker products said its model is M-
The 412 planing bed/die cutting machine can be made of flat material below 3/8, width mm and 13mm. to 9 in. thick; 2-
Side plane/mold up to 12 in.
Width 3/8. to 9 in. thick; and 4-
Side plane/mold up to 10 in, 9/16 in wide. to 4 in. thick. TheM-
412 range from 11-52 fpm. 800-548-6914; www. baker-online. Com circle 258 【:
Slightly] Illustrations
Paul-chainsaw & System, Pushcut CX-
Z cnc optimization CrossCut has a total grip system for high-speed precise material handling.
The company also said that the saw also achieved new controls for full connection. 678-444-5000; www. paulsaws. com CIRCLE259 [
Slightly] Illustrations
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