We bring you the advantage of the punch manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-09
Stamping manipulator is used in the automatic production process of a kind of device which has the function of grabbing and moving the workpiece automation. It is in mechanization. Automated production process developed a new type of device to improve operation safety. Use of stamping automation on the prevention of the accident. From the following aspects: no matter what is enterprise nature. Enterprise management should try to reduce the happening of the accident. Small stamping automation machinery and equipment is the key point of security reform. In addition to the face, hands, neck. The foot protection is necessary. And the accident due to negligence and weren't careful accounted for more than 92%. Actually use stamping automation machinery and equipment failure fault caused by less than 2%. So how to make the operator keep happy mood and energy. Absorbed in the production. Should be the priority of safety management. However, if using machines instead of human. This can reduce the pressure of administrators. Also can solve the problem from the fundamental reason! The existing safety protection device. There is no role for small stamping automation machinery and equipment. In the automatic line, it also can't put an end to accidents. Also must use more safety devices to prevent. Most of the accidents are due to get, feed directly with the hand. So the real security of stamping automation machinery and equipment. The most effective prevention measures. Should be insisted on under any circumstances. Don't get material directly into the mold mouth to send with the hand and parts. Or use some of the safety device can prevent some accidents cause! As in recent years. The wide application of electronic technology electronic computer. Development and production of robots has become a high-tech areas a new technique developed rapidly. It is more to promote the development of the manipulator. The manipulator can better with the combination of mechanization and automation. Stamping manipulator can replace human dangerous, repetition boring work. You can also reduce human labor intensity. Improve labor productivity. It is more efficient than people work. Error is smaller. Manipulator is applied more and more widely. It can be used for parts assembled in the machinery industry. Handling, loading and unloading of machining. Especially on the CNC machine, combination machine tools and automation punch more common use. Know more information about punch manipulator, please log on to http://www. gmrcsk。 com/
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