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We never stop!Gewinn regard our customers as the first!


Yesterday's temperature was as high as 38 degrees outside.But,although the weather is very hot, it still can't stop our enthusiasm for shipment.

This was another tenoning and mortising machine for Korean customer.

Core-competitiveness of our Tenoning and Mortising Machine :

1、Technology features:4-in-1 functions including mortise,tenon,trimming and options of the cutting angle at 45 degree,90 degree and 135 degree.

2、Applications:cabinets,wardrobe,photo frames ect. the frame structure is very beautiful,high-precision,convenient and simple for using.

3、The Unique technology with pre-milling process can solve various difficult problem about wood edge abrasion.

4、Convenience:The location and size of mortise and tenon are easy to set in computer,which can preloaded 50 product programs.

5、It can be operated easily through touch screen, and easily input and modify parameters.

6、It has advanced dust control system, lubrication system and remote maintenance system.

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