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by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
Shandong antai numerical control co. , LTD. , located in shandong province gaomi city, the east qing highway, from the world famous tourist resort of Qingdao city 80 kilometers, north of the famous international kite weifang 80 kilometers, jiaoji high-speed railway across in gaomi city, the geographical position is superior, beautiful environment, traffic developed. Weifang antai malleable iron co. , LTD. In August 2000 in the restructuring of private enterprises, is specialized is engaged in the production of CNC woodworking lathe and casting, processing, design, production of national medium-sized export enterprises, has the self-management import and export rights, existing staff 680 people, fixed assets of 70 million yuan, total assets of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 220 mu, annual production and processing capacity of 1000 units. Main products are various types of numerical control woodworking lathe, numerical control woodworking milling machine, CNC engraving machine, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, Japan sunshine etc. More than 80 series over 2000 varieties. Products are exported to Europe, America and southeast Asia more than 40 countries and regions, in 2007 completed the export value of 80 million yuan, realize the profit tax of 10 million yuan, the company has won the ministry of agriculture awarded the 'national township enterprises export advanced enterprises', the State Council leading group for mechanical and electrical products export awarded the 'national top 500 private enterprises export of mechanical and electronic products', weifang people's government awarded the 'management model enterprise', 'private enterprises', 'weifang obey the contract heavy credit enterprise' and other honorary titles. Shandong antai numerical control co. , LTD. , under the guidance of chairman, innovative concept development, always adhere to the 'expansion development by variety, according to the' quality seek survival of the business philosophy, 'customer for food and clothing parents, regard quality as the enterprise life' the quality policy, within the enterprise to establish and perfect the 'three-level network' quality management, fully implementing ISO9000 system primarily comprehensive quality management system, pay attention to its production process control. In the process of production, all adopt the most advanced spectra of the physical and chemical testing means, exercise the whole process of testing the quality of products, guarantee the stability of the product quality improve, occupy the market with excellent product quality, win customers. At present, shandong antai numerical control co. , LTD. , has more than 100 foreign and domestic foreign trade companies established a stable economic and trade relations. To constantly improve the export ability, develop their own development space, we set up the self-management import and export business based in Qingdao, specialized in Germany, Japan, the United States, Australia and other foreign trader of the self-management import and export business. High-quality product quality, good corporate reputation, boost the stable improvement of market competitiveness, realize the scale and efficiency of synchronous growth, in the fierce market competition always maintained a strong momentum of development. To create development goals of the one hundred aetna, shandong antai numerical control co. , LTD. , in the pursuit of scale and the benefit, on the basis of environmental protection and development go hand in hand, for the enterprises bigger and stronger, we rely on technology promotion center, product research and development center, CNC machining center, the support of enterprise development to enhance investment in capital, actively use new technology, new technology, improve the independent innovation ability and level, further enhance the research and development ability of the high technology content of products. Our development plan is, 2010 - 2015) Investment of 40 million yuan, mainly used for technological transformation, the scale expansion, new product research and development, the high-end product development as the first priority to grasp in the hand the development of the enterprise, production generation, research and development generation, reserve generation. Through a series of new product research and development, further optimize between product and product of form a complete set, the linkage between series and series, through to the product of form a complete set, linkage to enhance product competitiveness and market share, with its own unique massive export products, make the enterprise production scale and economic benefits to a new step, and make new contribution to the development of local economy. Shandong antai warmly welcome customers at home and abroad, expand economic and trade, and seek common development.
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