Welding of woodworking CNC lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Woodworking CNC lathe as a kind of high strength of large mechanical equipment, after long time use will cause certain damage, late will directly affect the work efficiency and service life of the equipment. Then it need us to master the knowledge of the welding and repair welding, below small make up to introduce everyone to woodworking nc lathe in the matters needing attention in the process of welding. 1, professional welding personnel welding improperly affect service life, so try to reduce the number of repair welding parts, choose the professional welding personnel for welding equipment. 2, welding preparation work for the first time the welding or repair welding, is needed to determine the welding parts. Second is to do a good job of cleaning, lubrication, cleaning for welding parts, avoid welds are impurities, affect the welding effect. Finally, to do a good job of baking electrode. 3, after welding inspection equipment must carry on the strict inspection before they can continue to use, avoid to cause the production safety. First can check with the naked eye, the welding place whether smooth, if there is a bump phenomenon, size is in line with the design requirements, the existence of the problem such as slag, need treatment and repair immediately if you have any questions. Above is summed up the Ming xin wei woodworking machinery manufacturer of woodworking CNC lathe welding points for attention, hope to be of service.
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