western railway gets rain-ready with new drainage systems

by:Gewinn     2019-08-29
For the first time, the Western Railway turned to the tunnel drilling machine for the first time, unmanned aircraft, and the Western Railway did two things.
First, they used the tunnel rig.
The one for subway tunnel construction-
Used to create a drainage system.
In addition, WR used drones for the first time to check the entire section of the road between vassai and Vila.
They are installing a drain pipe with a diameter of about 1,800mm and a diameter of about 2 m.
This is the extension between Vasai and Villar, which is the last concern caused by the monsoon caused by the flood.
In fact, on Saturday, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was on the Western Railway (WR)
The same advice was made by the authorities.
All in all, there will be three such huge tunnels extending east. west.
These will be between Villa.
W Seine cable-
Narazora and goregen
Malade train station.
Current work on Vasai
The drainage system at naraçala is in progress and the remaining two are ready to cope with heavy rain.
There will be two huge parallel pipes in these places.
\"The third drain will be ready by June 10.
We started this work earlier this year after detailed research.
We use Micro for the first time.
\"Tunnels and tunnel drilling machines are used to drill through the drain pipe 1,800mm kilometers below the railway,\" said a WR official . \".
The longest is between Virar
The 90-meter-long Nago, followed by vassai-
60 m in Naro Pará and 45 m long in the goregna drain.
These are all 1. 5-
2 m below surface
In addition to this, WR investigated the rivers and streams from Bhayander to Vaitarna.
This is done after cleaning up these creeks, clearing muck and blockages on existing drains, which are also very narrow.
\"We checked the entire section with a drone,\" WR officials added . \".
The railway is also placing rainfall machines, adding side drains next to the track, and increasing the track level between vassai and Vila train station.
In addition to this, work on other major nullahs of Chamdavadi Dharavi (Bandra East)
Also inspected by MITI, asiar and dahisa.
Officials claim that civic institutions do the least in Dharavi.
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