What advantage of CNC cutting machine

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
1, to improve the utilization efficiency of sheet metal, used on cutting machine cutter can be arbitrary rotation, different ways of cutting. Push saws cutting ratio must be a one size fits all. Sheet metal utilization rate is low. Using the self-developed software, the average utilization of a sheet of paper to 2. 7 - 2. 8 square. 2, labor saving, two people operating a machine, one person operate several machine, saved pushing saws, held wages, each using 0. More than three square plate, the use of CNC cutting machine for cutting the material saving than pushing saw 10 yuan. 3, to reduce the labor intensity, pushing table saw 30 day, the day the waist sore leg pain, a year come down, will come back. Higher wages for skilled workers is difficult to manage. 4, cutting machine, cutting speed, cutting machine continuous work time, push saw push and stop, plate movement and movement, the strength of the workers and the time spent on the mobile plate and adjust the relay on the feet. 5, feeder, little dust. Dust collecting effect than pushing machine, the saw dust collecting effect is much better. 6, nc feeder, SCW - 5 8 hours a day, 50, SCW - 7 high-end machine 8 hours a day on 80 pieces, common feeder for manual loading and unloading, machine can rest in the middle, greatly reduces the manual labor intensity. 7, the machine is operated fool, all calculate for the computer calculation, zero error, zero failure rate. Easy to operate, any coolie, after 3 - 5 hours of training, can be directly by the manufacturer on duty. A: on woodworking machinery process characteristics? A: what is the method of maintenance of woodworking machinery
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