What are commonly used in numerical control woodworking lathe pieces

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Everyone knows CNC woodworking lathe is composed of tens of thousands of zero widget big machines, and because of the numerical control woodworking lathe is high strength, long time operation of machinery, parts and components can have a wear lightly, so these parts are commonly used to conduct regular inspection and replacement. Below small make up to you to sort out what are the commonly used to change. 1. Chuck is commonly from products, users can make your own size according to the job being or looking for experienced mechanical processing factory 2. Slider commonly used polymer plate cover and the baize ring seal, linear slide unit is commonly TBR25 type of standard parts, if you want to change the internal linear bearing model for LM253 commonly. Generally top for woodworking CNC lathe commonly used standard parts, machine tool accessories shop can buy 4. General woodworking CNC lathe spindle bearing for high-speed bearing 5. The choice of general triangle for type B 6. Standard for spindle motor is 4 kw level 4 motor, so users when the choose and buy should pay special attention to types and models don't choose the wrong I hope you in later use in the process of numerical control woodworking lathe pay attention to the good parts for maintenance and replacement, ensure the quality and efficiency of production.
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