What are decided to woodworking machinery CNC lathe precision

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Now precision requirement is high up in the woodworking industry, woodworking is the core of numerical control lathe numerical control device and improve the servo system is the location of the machine tool processing degree of tolerance. Then we will look at some of the relevant knowledge, know how to use better woodworking CNC lathe related knowledge, because you think digital control to improve what is, is a tool or the accuracy of the worktable in feed, walk of the position degrees of tolerance is also improved. Same shape and the degree of tolerance, the shape of tolerance is the plane he did flat, round the circle is not round, then by the workbench must guarantee for you, can't ah, he is ultimately done by your surface smooth, do you want to not only the surface, how could plane flat? As for the size tolerance, that is it doesn't matter, high precision of dimension tolerance is in fact on machine tools, precision of mechanical part of the warranty has nothing to do with electric control, so you see the general introduction of woodworking CNC lathe machining accuracy is 0. 01 mm, that is, a general designation of 1, want to know this tolerance you can do it, instrument lathe grinder is literally go ah. Said maybe someone will ask, woodworking CNC lathe spindle assembly and the spindle bearing rotation of high precision, good rigidity, ball screw is used in the feed drive system, and eliminate by adding the pre-tightening force direction clearance, so the high precision mechanical parts. The next can tell you, the improvement of precision mechanical parts has nothing to do with electrical appliances, in other words why should any machine tools to do so can improve the precision of the numerical control. Actually these finish and shape has a little influence on the degree of tolerance for machine tools, because of finish machining, the key is to metal cutting, and is the final step of cutting tool, grinding machine is precision work, because there are in essence the difference between grinding wheel and tools. Say so many, I'm afraid someone will say next against advanced production. No, next to write this article is hope you can understand that what is the most suitable for woodworking CNC lathe machining parts, actually the most typical is like gear-box have multiple hole hole system parts, of which there is position degrees of tolerance relation between each hole of the parts. Casing hole and install the datum actually its surface finish and flatness tolerance of roundness request is not high, general essence and milling boring and can do it, so you can play a woodworking CNC lathe processing position the characteristics of the high degree of tolerance, and because the programming does not need to change, after processing efficiency is high. And machining, on the other hand, some of the curve is very simple, surface finish of the demand is higher, and which do not require special position degrees, is no need for a car, it's fatigue life ShangCai, do more harm than good. Technology is a complex and serious thing, is a science, but now many engineer knowledge is not much, also irresponsible, woodworking CNC lathe, machining center, yes, now the processing of these advanced equipment is made convenient many, many in traditional mechanical technology such as model because of the emergence of these technologies have not need; But if there are biphasic, insisting that simple and rely on numerical control, high production costs is bound to cause parts, if you want to know the CNC equipment price is very expensive, far more than ordinary equipment; Nc personnel qualifications are usually specialized subject above, the human cost is high; Woodworking CNC lathe power and spindle speed is far higher than that of ordinary machine tool, machine tool operation cost that is amazing. In the use of woodworking CNC lathe to better use, if your life, about more it can go to the site to see!
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